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Improve Relationship Integrity with Touch and Exercise –

Openness is the pathway to integrity. Here’s why:

If you cannot be open and honest with yourself about your shortcomings and inconsistencies, there will be a misalignment between who you are internally and who you are portraying yourself to be in the world.

This misalignment grows from a splinter in the mind to a canyon in the heart. One day you will wake up and not recognize the person you see in the mirror. 

If you cannot be open and honest with yourself, you most certainly cannot be with your partner. Are you actively lying to your partner or withholding inconvenient truths? 

If you cannot reveal your secrets, the relationship will never go beyond a superficial depth, even if there is genuine love between the two of you. Intimacy cannot thrive in the dark. This means being open about who you are with your partner. 

The more you are willing to be seen, the more you will see. 

What does integrity look like in a relationship?

  • It means standing up for yourself and your beliefs while maintaining the ability to admit when you’re wrong.
  • These practices are about checking in with yourself and strengthening our own boundaries so that we can, in turn, be stronger for our partner.

How does this relate to physical fitness? In a partner-based workout, you have to admit to your other partner where your strengths or weaknesses are. You have to admit how you are physically feeling before, during, and after the exercises.

Physical fitness virtually forces your hand to open up, and admit where your boundaries actually are, versus where we want to believe they are.

A good example of a Strength of Seduction workout that builds Integrity is partner sit ups. 

Why? Because nobody likes to do them, or admit they haven’t done one in a while. In the video below, Micah Morgan performs the workout.

Besides strengthening core muscles, this workout builds integrity muscles too. Since both you and your partner are using each other as counter-balances and rewarding each other with a hug, you have to be open and honest with each other about where your limit is. This also means accepting where your partner’s limit is, too.

Integrity, like this workout, is not a competition. It’s about being open with each other, no matter the circumstance. To continue building your relationship with physical fitness, make sure to get the full version of this workout from

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