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Inhaler Mistakes you Didn’t Know you Were Making

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Remember all that ugly wheezing, the shortness of breath, and the persistent coughing? Yes, people with asthma can relate to how frightful life would have been without inhalers. 

Just a few puffs from your inhaler can dramatically improve the constriction around your airways and enhance your breathing. But what if you are still experiencing asthma flare-ups despite religiously applying your inhaler?

A defective inhaler is often your first suspicion. But this is not always correct. How about something being wrong with your inhaler technique?

This guide will expose you to some inhaler mistakes you didn’t know you were making. Oh, I will not stop there. I will also generously teach you how to correct these errors and use your inhalers more efficiently.

Day 1: Just Been Diagnosed with Asthma

1. Your aim has not been great

This is one of the most typical mistakes people make with inhalers.   

Often, I see people pointing the inhaler opening straight down at their tongue or directly pointed at the roof of their mouth. 

In this position, your lung is starved of the medicine it sorely needs. 

Your inhaler should be pointed at the back of the throat. This position ensures maximal delivery of the medicine to your airways, easing the tightening. 

Controlling Asthma: 5 Tips for Every Asthmatic

2. You have been breathing wrongly

Surprise! Different inhalers come with different optimal breathing techniques. The two most prevalent inhaler designs in circulation today are the pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers (pMDIs) and the dry powder inhalers.

With a dry powder inhaler, it is necessary to rapidly breathe in (and deeply, too, since the medicine is in powdered form), only stopping when 

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