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“Insecure” Actress’s Message for Black Women with TNBC

Yvonne Orji

Actress Yvonne Orji has joined Uncovering TNBC, an organization that aims to raise awareness of triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). The organization aims to shine a light on the stories of those who have survived TNBC. 

Triple-negative breast cancer disproportionately affects Black women. Black women may experience a more severe course of the disease. 

Black women can also face roadblocks in access to quality care, timely diagnosis, treatment, and information.

Orji filmed three short documentary films where women opened up about their experiences with triple-negative breast cancer. In each film, the women detailed their health journeys with the aggressive form of breast cancer. 

The films are part of Uncovering TNBC, an awareness campaign from Merck in partnership with breast cancer advocacy organizations like the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation, Tigerlily Foundation, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, and Susan G. Komen.

Orji serves as an ambassador for the campaign. Orji says it is important to use her platform to spotlight a form of breast cancer that she and many others had never heard of before. Orji hopes to help fill in necessary public knowledge gaps about who is most severely impacted by breast cancer.

Orji thought it was essential to direct a clarifying message about the stark realities that Black women with triple-negative breast cancer face. By empowering Black women, Orji hopes to affirm that their stories matter. She also wanted to spread awareness about staying on top of routine cancer screenings. 

Orji pointed out that the Uncovering TNBC campaign hopes to make more people aware that TNBC exists as a more aggressive form of breast cancer. Uncovering TNBC also empowers people to get screenings and schedule regular check-ups with their doctor. If a person is diagnosed with TNBC during a regular check-up with their doctor, the disease can be caught early. Early detection leads to higher survival rates and a better understanding of the available treatments.

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TNBC’s Impact on the Black Community

A person who is diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer has received three negative tests for key proteins or receptors that usually assist in the growth of breast cancer cells. 

The typical treatments received for other types of breast cancer may not be effective in treating triple-negative breast cancer.

Triple-negative breast cancer affects about 10-15% of all people with breast cancer. Triple-negative breast cancer is more common in

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