Irv Gotti Says Murder Inc. Was Once On Top Until The Feds Stepped In — ‘The Government Stopped Me From Making Money’

As previously reported by AfroTech, Gotti said he inked a $300 million deal with Iconoclast.

“I raised $5 million for me to shoot my movie, and I used my music catalog as collateral. When I did that, it opened up a can of worms,” he told Billboard. “My good friend Zach Horowitz, who used to be the CFO for the Universal Music Group, called me and was like, ‘Irv, are you interested in selling [your catalog]?” My guy Walter Jordan was always telling me, ‘Irv, you’ve got money there.’”

He continued: “Then Zach said he knows Oliver Chastan, and he’s the best and pays top dollar. We met and it was a love fest — Oliver felt my energy and the deal didn’t take long, a couple months. I’m a very spiritual person, and it’s God and my dad who passed away on Nov. 1 looking out for their boy. It’s very surreal, but I would give every dollar of the $300 million to get my dad back. But he’s with me and I feel his presence.”

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