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Is it Time to Normalize Man Weaves?

man weave

It’s true, you are getting older, and the men around you are getting older. It’s okay; we’re all getting older. With that honesty being at the center of life, however, we have to be sensitive that people’s acceptance of age differs based on personal experiences. Such self-acceptance can be determined by educational attainments, economic status, professional achievements, familial support, and, let’s not forget, one’s health. Regardless of what a person has or not, if they are living, they are aging. 

We’re all getting older – The process of aging and its inevitableness

As men age, it’s common to think that aging equates to balding or some part of it! While hereditary hair loss, called male-pattern baldness is a thing, so is alopecia, and hair loss due to other health-related factors. So, what’s the big deal when a man experiences hair loss? Just like women are told and believe “their hair is their glory,” some men feel the same. 

Growing up, many have heard the expression, “your hair is your glory,” which stemmed from 1 Corinthians 11:5, “But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.” 

Our hair, whether male or female, is our “glory” it’s our “crown,” and it sets us apart. For men, the notion applies, though they have been conditioned since their first celebratory haircut around 4-5 that a bi-monthly haircut will always keep them “so fresh and so, clean, clean,” right Outkast.

So, what happens when that crown shifts and you can’t adjust it how you’d like? There’s a fun solution! 

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Is it time to normalize man weaves?

Women have been known for adding hair extensions for a fuller or better look for centuries! Over time, it went from adding some hair here or there to wearing full wigs, sew-ins, and long braids, in almost any creative way you can imagine – oh, and we’re celebrated for that!

On the other hand, men have been known to wear a toupee here or there, and the ridicule is daunting. Where women were celebrated for their ability to disguise, men were scrutinized.

Given the advancement in technology, it’s time everyone joins with an intellectual acceptance that men deserve the same freedoms as women because men’s weaves are in!

According to an NPR article, “Man weaves, more formally referred to as cranial prosthesis, hair replacement units or hair systems, are a

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