Jay-Z Invests In Black-Led Altro, A No-Cost App Helping To Build Credit Through Existing Spending Habits Like Netflix And More

“With all the other available data to demonstrate a person’s fiscal responsibility, there’s no excuse to continue to rely on outdated methods like credit cards and loan payments, which are predatory and exclusionary at best,” said Altro co-founder and CEO Michael Broughton in an official press release shared with AfroTech. “Perch has proven the demand for more accessible forms of credit building, and now as Altro, we’re creating a movement, bringing financial empowerment to all.”

The app even allows users to see a quicker shift in their credit scores. However, what makes this fintech stand apart is its commitment to financial literacy education. Through over 350 snippets, people can learn more about cryptocurrency, trading, and investing.

“Contemporary fintech has traditionally been designed by and for individuals with strong financial health, a thinking that leaves many behind. Created by a team who experienced this problem firsthand, Altro has developed a financial empowerment platform that unlocks economic opportunity for those that the credit building system hasn’t been built for,” said Rish Sinha, Managing Director at Pendulum.

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