Keep Your Luggage Safe With These Hacks and Products

How safe is your luggage? If you ask Transportation Security Administration agents, you’re probably more exposed to crimes of opportunity than you think. 

An agent recently went viral on TikTok, showing how suitcase security could be breached with a ballpoint pen. 

“A pent to the zipper technique has been around for many years,” he explains. “I want to show you guys this so you know to look out for this, okay?” 

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He then says the best kinds of zippers have covers over them. 

“It’s an extra added layer of security for your luggage when you’re traveling,” he adds as he shows us how to open a bag with a pen. 

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While his demonstration is helpful, let’s be honest, we don’t need another reason to be stressed in the airport. But, since we’re here (and so are scammers), there are ways to protect your valuables and luggage. 

Here are five hacks and products that will help keep your luggage safe. We’ll start with the cheaper items.  

Untethered Luggage Straps
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Luggage straps are often used when pushing your luggage to the limit. Straps alleviate the tension, which ultimately assists in extending the life of your bags. But, there is another use for luggage straps: deterring people from opening or tampering with your luggage.  

These Untethered Luggage Straps come in a bright green or blue color, so your luggage naturally stands out. Nothing is 100 percent foolproof, but we’re willing to bet someone with ill intentions wants to be seen with suitcases that folks can remember easily. 

TSA Compliant Locks
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One of the things the TSA agent pointed out is that you can still get into a bag with a TSA-compliant lock on it, but don’t let that stop you from buying the added security. It’s an oldie trick, but often a good one that can be used as a deterrent. What it does is make people think twice before snatching your bag. 

You don’t need a key for this lock, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about. It’s TSA-friendly, which means agents can unlock these devices without breaking or damaging your lock and bag. 

AquaVault Mini Flex Safe
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If you don’t mind an extra item to bring along, another way to keep your essential things safe is with a portable safe that goes wherever you are. AquaVault has a mini flex safe that can lock to your carry-on luggage, personal bags, bikes, beach chairs and a golf cart. The vault can be situated near the item if there is something to cling to. 

Coolife Double Zipper Luggage
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As the TSA agent pointed out, luggage with zipper covers is the best way. The only problem is they can get pretty expensive.

Coolife has an expandable suitcase set that won’t break the bank and is a favorite among frequent travelers for its double zipper system. 

SOMODE Zipperless Luggage
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Since many of these incidents happen when there’s an opportunity, consider removing the loophole with zipperless luggage. 

SOMODE has a hard shell with good material that even comes with a TSA-approved security lock. There’s a ton of storage, and the design was made with organization in mind. 

There are a few options for Zipperless luggage. You can purchase something for your carry-on or buy something bigger for your checked items.

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