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Keith David: Longevity Through Speaking Life |

Keith David

You may not know the name, but you definitely know the voice. You’ve seen actor Keith David in films like “Crash”, “ATL”, “Platoon”, “Dead Presidents” and more.

The unmistakable distinguished actor has been both acting and singing (he has an awesome singing voice) for over 30 years and credits his success to his belief in God.

David has won two Emmy Awards for his voice-over performances in the PBS projects “The War” and “Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson.” He has also been Emmy nominated three times, for his work on Ken Burns’ documentary “Jazz,” his portrayal of Earl Woods in “The Tiger Woods Story,” and as Goliath in the animated series “Gargoyles.”

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His latest role was in the OWN series “Greenleaf”, which ended last year and is produced by and also starred Oprah Winfrey. David received a Critics’ Choice Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his role in “Enlisted” on Fox. His other television credits include the series “Community,” as well as numerous guest star appearances and voice roles. His voice has also been heard in a number of popular video games, including “Halo,” “Mass Effect” and “Saints Row.”

An accomplished stage actor, David continues to be a sought-after actor doing voice-overs, television, and film. Yet one thing stays consistent: his faith.

“I don’t think you live this long without having some connection to the bible.  I have read the bible and read the bible. I actually wanted to be a minister and have a lot of minister friends.  I’m always trying to understand more aspects of the bible.”

“Although these days he’s not standing in a pulpit, he sees the need for spiritual nourishment all around him. “I think we’re in a time in our history where people are hungry for spiritual answers,” he explains. “[There’s] more spiritual death in our society at large. In this political climate that we’re in here in America, [they’re] trying to take God out of the schools, out of public places and…

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