Keke Palmer Supports The Little Mermaid- Black Cinderella Talks Ariel!

We are exhausted from the premiere of The Little Mermaid and we are loving all the support that Halle and the film are receiving! One advocate is the beautiful Keke. Yes, Keke Palmer supports The Little Mermaid movie and their choice of casting Miss Bailey.

For awhile now, Palmer is proving to be a prime example of women supporting women. On social media, since the news hit about Halle and Disney; Keke has been showing nothing but love.  While many feel the casting is “off;” Palmer has been leading the charge to firmly solidify that such a viewpoint is incorrect.

As visuals and previews came to light, Keke posted her excitement! On Twitter she states,

“This is giving everything! CHILLS!”

“Halle it’s truly breathtaking!”

From all the footage, we have to agree, Halle is amazing as Ariel! Critics are also already pouring in with positive reviews and vibes. Plus, there’s also talk of awards nominations as well as a box office take in the general area of one billion dollars.

Not bad for Disney right? We would never expect anything less from a company that tells us to dream big from the age of 2. Nevertheless, what else is Keke saying in defense of this new, awesome live action movie?

Keke Palmer Supports The Little Mermaid- Black Cinderella Talks Ariel!

Palmer is not only keeping her thoughts exclusive to social media. Even on television she is making her feelings clear. Moreover, as someone with decades in the industry, her point of view is definitely one that all should note. In regards of Halle Bailey and roles for black actresses; Keke says.

“Y’all it’s me the Black Cinderella. And I know you’re scared because Hollywood is making an effort to be more diverse in the people that they show on screen. But let me ask you this, why can’t a mermaid be black?

Why is that too unrealistic for you? Because You do know she’s friends with a talking crab? And I know you’re not the sharpest people, but crabs can’t talk.

In fact, the entire thing is fiction, and since the beginning of the entertainment industry the most roles for black women were that of the maid. So it’s about dang time that we get to play the MERmaid!

Okay!? Wakanda Forever. I love it!”

Not a lie told lol. Furthermore, we can’t wait to see Halle’s performance again and again. Are you ready? Get your tickets family, Halle will be swimming on a screen near you beginning on May 26!

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