Kid Cudi Co-Founded Encore Raises $9M In Seed Funding To Help Music Artists Get Paid

Encore’s technology features mobile augmented reality (AR) shows, where artists can headline concerts in AR environments. Their payment from show attendees comes from “gamified microtransactions in the form of a ten-cent clap.”

The press release discloses that during the private beta stage, hundreds of artists including SSGKobe, The Cool Kids, Too $hort, and DC the Don used Encore — totaling to nearly a million claps from their fans.

“Music artists are the original creators and they have been forgotten by the creator economy and overrun by memes and algorithms on social media,” said Jonathan Gray, CEO of Encore. “Our live AR technology empowers any artist to create personalized content and host experiences for their fans without a production budget or crew and make real cash with 100’s of engaged fans.”

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