Kimberly Bryant Speaks On Her Removal From Black Girls Code: ‘Ten+ Years Of Founding And Building An Organization To A $40M+ International Brand’

Following the recent news regarding her removal from the company altogether, Bryant is now speaking up, alleging that she was never offered severance, healthcare assistance, and more despite having built the organization from the ground up and managing the business for more than 10 years.

“Let me break this down more,” she wrote via Twitter. “No severance offered, no healthcare assistance offered, and non-payment of banked vacation. Sure not all the above is ‘mandatory’ but we definitely offer it to others and vacation payout is mandated by law.”

While further details surrounding the investigation have yet to be revealed, Bryant does suggest that being removed from Black Girls Code may have been a form of retaliation against her.

“Ten+ years of founding and building an organization to a $40M+ international brand which fundamentally changed the course of an industry and ousted without not a penny of severance offered,” she continued via Twitter. “Sounds like retaliation?”

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