Kodak Black Throws Thousands Of Dollars Into The Ocean: The Streets Have Questions

Kodak Black has the streets (and the internet) talking again – and it’s not because he’s been arrested for the umpteenth time (he hasn’t). Nor is Black online again caping for Donald Trump. This time the “Zeze” MC has earned people’s ire after posting footage of himself throwing stacks of $100 bills into the ocean and flushing several more down the toilet.

In two now-deleted social media posts that were widely reposted and trending, Black disposed of large amounts of money, which some fans estimated to be $100,000. Others said they’re not so sure it was that much, but most agreed it was careless. In the first video posted on Tuesday, June 29, Black is on a boat nonchalantly throwing money into the sea while being recorded. He is saying something, but the video has no sound so viewers cannot discern his dialogue.

Black did caption the video, however. “I Broke You Off When Dem F**k Ni**as Wouldn’t Give You A Dime !!! I Ain’t Owe You Sh*t Ni**a I Just Wanted To See You Shine!!! Yeen Never Gave Me Sh*t Ni**a I Had My Own Grind!!!” the caption said.

Then on Wednesday, June 30, another video was posted to Twitter showing Black flushing more $100 dollar bills down the toilet. The amount he flushed was estimated to be between $600 and $1,000. When the money got clogged in the toilet, Black manually pushed the bills down with his hand to ensure they would flush.

Social media users had major questions and crticism for Black’s antics. “All this for what?” Twitter user @BenJeRrY02 wrote. “Me with all my bills and debt looking at this foolishness,” another user responded.

“Hes (sic) from one of the poorest places in Florida and yet he rather impress people for views instead of giving that money to black poverty stricken families. This could be one of the saddest and out of touch videos I’ve ever seen,” Twitter user @SMar32344315 added.

“Why the f**k would #KodakBlack throw money off the boat? When he could have just given it to the people in need… these new so called rappers be acting stupid as f**k lately! #Dumbass,” @Jahmed85 wrote. “When I see rappers throw money in the ocean and I just need $1000 for school supplies #KodakBlack,” @vanila_bby chimed in.

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“I unfollowed one of my favorite artist (sic) today cus he throwing money in the toilet while it’s people starving looking at his page,” @StoopidOnDaBeat said.

While Black is being criticized for being wasteful, he has engaged in multiple philanthropic endeavors in the past. In February, the Florida MC also offered to pay the tuition for the children of two FBI agents who were killed when they went to serve a warrant.

It is unclear why Black – who has been making waves since his release from prison after former President Donald Trump pardoned him – is throwing his money away or who his comments were directed at. However, some speculate Black os feuding with his longtime ace and Sniper Gang protégé Jackboy. Both men took to IG Live to weigh in on how they felt separately, but neither name-dropped the other. Kodak Black did previously tweet, “I AIN’T SIGNING RAPPERS NO MORE” and “F**k a Friendship, I’m On Businezz!”

Kodak Black has since deleted his Instagram and Twitter pages.

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