Life Coach Website -Our New Online Hub for Success!

Looking for a Life Coach Website full of helpful and insightful information? Are you wanting to take major strides towards achieving major success? Well, welcome because you have just found exactly what you are looking for!

For years, many of you have enjoyed our content on life, business, confidence, success and more. You bookmark, email and chat us up in our DMs about such posts; and make it clear just how much they help you to reevaluate and change course to get on the path to success.

Nevertheless, you have been wanting a dedicated space, a hub specifically for life coaching that can be utilized whenever you need it, rain or shine. Well, we heard you all. Loud and clear. Therefore, you will be happy to know that there is now a Life Coach section here on 1966 Magazine!

This new life coaching feature will be infused with tons of free information, interviews, videos, podcasts, ebooks, courses and audio postings. All to help you maximize your time and efforts to level up! OR… even learn how to become a working coach yourself. This new sector of 1966 Magazine is simply for YOU. Providing the tools and motivation you need to develop into whom you always have desired to be.

Life Coach Website -Our New Online Hub for Success!



How often can you expect new coaching admonition? Weekly. Yes, every week expect new insights and tips to help you formulate a plan for the future.

Remember coaching is about forgetting the past. FOCUS on the now. FOCUS on what you want in future, then let us help you on track to get there.

Whether that future is a healthier sexy body, top of the line brand, dealing with trauma; a life transition or developing your own life coaching academy and company. We are here to help.  Since everyone can always use a helping hand to stay motivated and to stay on track. We want our Life Coach Section to help you to:

  • Not give up on yourself
  • Unlock your natural talents and abilities
  • Become the best of version of you
  • Learn to beat life distractions
  • Drop bad habits and develop the right ones
  • Achieve proper life balance
  • Identify what success really looks like
  • Understand how to set goals that actually work
  • How to effectively transition to and stay on the correct path for true success

Life Coach Online Services -Your New Beginnings!



We know you will enjoy our new Life Coach Website feature and look forward to chatting with you all more about it in the coming days. Be sure to search through it for plenty of intel on proven success tactics, the right mindset, goal setting and more.

PLUS… our resident business wiz, Sherry Harris; and our other life coach PROs will also guest post about a plethora of topics to ensure you are always working towards your highest level of potential. Ready? WELCOME once again and here is to more success to us all!

P.S. LOOKING FOR MORE HELP?… We understand transformation is difficult and sometimes you may need a helping hand. Gain confidence and skills needed to be more competitive, motivated and successful! Check out our sister site, Self Help Oasis; let our resident self-development specialist, Serena Harris, get you going and started.

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