Lil Baby May Have Lost Millions In Crypto, But Is It Dead? ‘My Crypto People, They Got A Lot Of Faith In Crypto Still’

“I got a lot of ventures, a lot of ventures. I’m kind of addicted to that,” Lil Baby explained to XXL. “I had like a little stage where I was buying like chains. Then, I had like a stage, and I was buying my watches, and then, I had a stage [where] I was buying like cars. I started buying like houses. Then, I started like getting bored with that stuff.”

He continued: “I started wanting to figure out like how I’m gonna keep getting money forever, really. And I started learning about stuff and I’m like, wow. So, now, I don’t buy nothing, but I just invest my money. Like I get a opportunity, I’m trying anything. You feel me? Like, it sound like a bright idea? I’m trying it, you feel me? So, I got money and something in everything, like literally, from like small stuff to like big brands.”

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