Lil Reese Arrested In Texas For Aggravated Assault

Tavares Lamont Taylor appears to be back behind bars once again. Harris County, Texas law enforcement arrested the rapper better known as Lil Reese earlier this year.

According to reports, authorities booked Lil Reese in the county jail on May 19. The charge is listed as aggravated assault against a family member.

Apparently, local authorities also booked Reese on a second count of aggravated assault against a family member on May 25. He was denied bond on the first charge.

Harris County Jail records show a $60,000 bond amount for the May 25 arrest. Lil Reese’s next court date is currently set for August 16. He has not posted on Twitter or Instagram since May 16.

Throughout his career as a recording artist, Lil Reese has had numerous legal issues. In May 2010, Reese pled guilty to burglary charges. He also faced other assault, battery, and marijuana possession arrests over the years.

In June 2021, Lil Reese had to deal with domestic violence charges. His girlfriend at the time reportedly called 911, accusing the self-described Supa Savage of hitting her in the face.

Nine years prior to that incident, footage of Lil Reese punching a woman spread across the internet. Champaign County, Illinois police arrested Reese for criminal trespass, mob action, and battery in 2013 in connection to the 2012 video.

Reese has also been the victim of gun violence on multiple occasions. In May 2021, a shootout in a Chicago parking garage caused Reese and two other men to be hospitalized.

“I’m not blind or s###. Don’t believe what you see on [the] internet. I don’t even know where [the f###] they getting all these fake ass stories from,” stated Lil Reese in response to the 2021 shooting. Rumors suggested he possibly suffered blindness from the gunfire.

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