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Living with MS: The Happier I Got, The Healthier I Got

living with ms

Mindset Is Everything When It Comes To Chronic Illness

One’s choice of “happy” may make a world of difference. Can a change in perspective truly affect an illness with the potential disability of multiple sclerosis? This is supported by evidence, so probably. Take the so-called “placebo effect,” in which individuals who take inert substances claim to feel better despite taking medicines.

Blue Lotus Body Therapy practitioner Rebecca Arnold explains that the stress chemicals cortisol may negatively impact several bodily functions, including digestion, immunity, and the capacity to repair.

Define Your MS On Your Terms

You don’t have to allow a doctor or other medical expert to determine how you live with MS, even if you’re responding well to treatment and repeatedly hearing the same things from them.

Living with multiple sclerosis is challenging because you never know what to expect. It’s difficult to foresee the severity or timing of MS symptoms.

Instead of ruminating, take things as they come. MS patients may find it useful for symptom management. It’s irritating when people don’t understand you, but concentrate on the moment and appreciate what you’re doing now.

Be positive and enjoy life despite MS. Ignoring the problem and giving in to fear isn’t the answer.

Don’t Let The Stress Take Over

The adverse effects of stress on the body are well-documented. Baseline MS symptoms, such as weakness or decreased coordination, are often exacerbated at times of stress and worry, as reported by many MS patients.

This is probably because MS itself is draining and because it is difficult to perform at one’s best when one’s focus and energies are diverted by stress.

Being unhappy or worried might increase symptoms, so control your emotions. Stress causes several physiological reactions. Some people wake up with hives, fevers, stomachaches, appetite loss, etc. Monitor your mood and exercise self-care to reduce stress.

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Swapping Bad Habits For Good Habits

When we’re overwhelmed by difficult circumstances and have no idea how to handle them, we often turn to

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