Lizzo Had To Have Family Therapy Session To Cuss In Her Songs

Lizzo took her family to a therapy session to reveal that she was going to start swearing in her songs.

The “Juice” star grew up in a religious household and did not swear during her early songs, so when she changed her mind, she sat her family down for a chat to announce her intentions.

“When she started out, she didn’t use profanity at all. She got the family together, took us to a therapy session, and explained to us that she would be using profanity in her songs. She prepared us for it,” her mother, Shari, recalled in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Shari noted that her daughter’s love for racy outfits did not come as a shock to her, adding, “She was always a free spirit and didn’t like clothes, so that was not a surprise at all. She is doing what she loves to do, making her own decisions, and really helping people along the way. I’m so proud of her.”

Lizzo, who gave a TED talk about the history of twerking in 2021, believes she could deliver another speech about the word “b####,” which often appears in her songs, such as “Truth Hurts.”

“When I say ‘I’m 100 percent that b####,’ it’s like an affirmation. It’s a reminder of who you are. I wrote that song for people to sing it and do it for themselves,” she explained. “Do you remember when Missy Elliott and Da Brat took control over that word and empowered it? It’s a colloquialism now, a shout-out to Black women.”

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