MAGA Rapper Makes Rap For Republican Matt Gaetz,Joy Reid Loses It

Will Donald Trump be upset at another Republican getting shine from the rap community?

Florida Republican Matt Gaetz is vying for a spot as the coolest GOP member to white conservative Hip-Hoppers.

In a video named for him, created by Sunshine state emcee and Trump superfan Kurt Jantz, aka Forgiato Blow, Gaetz pops out and enjoys a bash in his honor.

Jantz became famous because of his love of all things Trump. He has put out songs like “Silver Spoon,” “Trump Train,” and his failed 2020 campaign ditty, “4 More Years.” 

Cameos from some unusual suspects raised some eyebrows and got the mainstream media talking. One pop out, in particular, is Joel Greenberg’s wife, the one that he admitted cheated on when he pled guilty to sex trafficking of a minor. 

The former Seminole County Tax Collector pled guilty to six federal charges after a plea deal with the government about his sex crimes.

While he is no J. Cole, Forgiato Blow spits some bars that serve their purpose, praising the three-term politician. He calls the politician “a Florida legend” in one verse.

In another verse, he raps, “He’s the chosen one, yeah; Dedicated congressman; Matt Gaetz show him, love.”

The Maga rapper also invoked his forever president in the song when he rapped about Matt Gaetz, “President Trump knows real talent when he sees it.”

The representative tweeted the song out, captioning it, “@forgiatoblow47 going to the top of the charts w this!


Gaetz spokesman Joel Valdez said, “Congressman Gaetz is a big fan of this future #1 hit, though he can’t claim credit for its conception, composition, or lyrics.”

MSNBC host Joy Reid of “The Reid Out” could not control her laughter during a segment on her show that featured Forgiato Blow’s tribute song to Matt Gaetz. 

Tonight, day 3 of being stuck in bed miserable with the flu, this happened. Thank you @JoyAnnReid for sharing your laughter and making me chuckle.

@mattgaetz loved laughing at your expense! 🤣🤣🤣

#MattGaetz https://t.co/iMrPAzn94V


Jantz is not the only MAGA rapper out there making noise. AllHipHop.com reported in 2020, the “Marine Rapper” has captured the attention of President Trump, adding to the over 400 rap songs that name drops the real estate money man.

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