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Manscaping 101: Tips For Well-Groomed Men


We all have our preferences about body hair, and there seems to be much discussion in social media lately about men and their hairiness! Personally, I don’t mind a well-groomed man. I believe that if I have to keep myself clean and shaven, why shouldn’t my guy? With warmer weather on the way, women are in a frenzy, and many men are taking to Instagram with what they are calling “mankini” waxes. It’s a beautiful thing when men see how much work it is for us women to keep ourselves together. The time, energy and PAIN!

On a more serious note, there are many benefits to men keeping themselves clean and shaven:

Gym Biohazard

If you are a gym rat, shaving your armpits may surprisingly be your newest favorite thing. The hair under the arms will likely make you sweat more, which will in turn make you smell more. The hair is also not the cleanest under there. After a few good weight lifts you are breaking a sweat, and the hair will hold on to that odor all day until you get a thorough cleaning.


Clean-shaven legs and arms show off that muscle definition you worked so hard for. According to image consultant Aaron Marino, “Most guys are not interested in completely shaving their legs, but they will take the length and bulk down with a groomer attachment. Just so the leg hair isn’t crazy, bushy and long. It’s purely aesthetic. In the fitness world, it’s not as taboo for men to remove body hair.”

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How To Shave Better

There are several options for male hair removal.


Many salons across the country are now offering waxing services catered toward men. The benefit is that waxing lasts longer and often gets you a smoother result.


More commonly known as hair removal creams, depilatories use chemicals that dissolve the protein of the hair so that it separates from the skin and can be wiped off. The good thing about these products is that they are quite quick and easy to use. However, some of them can also cause itching and burning sensations, so they are not always the best idea for men with sensitive skin or for use on sensitive areas such as around the genitals. Still, they are generally quite cheap and effective, and therefore are a decent option for removing the excess back, chest or armpit hair. Plus, compared to shaving, the results will last much longer, as the hair typically won’t grow back for around a month or so.

While most depilatory creams are designed for women, below you’ll find information on three products designed specifically to

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