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Though there are often headlines about startup tech companies blowing up or raising tons of funding, those are usually anomalies. Most people in the startup business know building a successful company isn’t easy.

There are many moving parts and varying aspects to running a business. In addition to ensuring the quality of whatever product or service is being sold, startups often have to work towards efficiency in departments like marketing, accounting, sales and more with limited resources.

Here are 13 platforms startup tech insiders use to operate efficiently.

1. Bench

A good accountant is essential, but not all startups can afford to hire one. That’s where Bench comes in. The online bookkeeping platform helps with everyday accounting tasks, filing taxes and more.

It bills itself as the largest professional bookkeeping service for small businesses in the country and is powered by real people working on clients’ books.

A free trial is available.

2. Gusto

Gusto is a human resources platform that helps small businesses seamlessly perform hiring, payroll and benefits tasks for employees.

The company was launched in 2012 as ZenPayroll, according to the “About” section on its website. Gusto also claims to serve over 200,000 businesses nationwide. Plans start at $46 per month.

3. Hubspot

Many startup tech companies have turned to Hubspot for their customer relationship management (CRM) needs. The platform has varied tools and integrations for marketing, sales, service, content management software (CMS) and operations.

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Founded in 2005, Hubspot boasts customers in over 150 countries. It offers free and premium products.

4. Agile

Agile CRM is another popular platform for small businesses that helps automate sales, marketing, project management, appointment scheduling and service all in one platform. It highlights affordability and its “Next Generation” cloud-based SaaS service.

The company has been featured in a variety of publications for its products and services.

5. Calendly

Small business owners who want to stay organized are turning to Calendly – a scheduling automation platform for individuals, teams and enterprises to help with driving revenue and sales to close more deals.

The platform can be used through email and text and boasts clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

6. Chili Piper

A global remote company, Chili Piper provides software solutions to businesses. According to its Bloomberg profile, the company’s “scheduling platform boosts buyer engagement by allowing qualified leads to automatically book a meeting or call after filling out a site’s contact form.”

The company counts Airbnb, Spotify and others among its clients.

7. Unbounce

Unbounce is a landing page platform that helps startups optimize marketing to convert visitors into customers. It uses conversion intelligence to increase companies’ chances of building sustainable relationships with online visitors.

Its products include landing pages, pop-ups and sticky bars, apps and integrations, AI copywriting, AI optimization and templates. The company says it makes access to digital marketing tools easier and offers a 14-day free trial.

8. Drip

Drip is an intuitive e-commerce platform that offers automated marketing tools and insights to help companies communicate effectively with customers.

It offers email marketing, forms, pop-ups, segmentations and personalization, insights and guidance and more to companies looking to become more efficient in their outreach to customers.

The company also offers an extensive help community and responsive customer support via online chat, video or phone. A free trial is available.

9. Kixie

Another popular platform for startup tech companies is Kixie, which bills itself as “making sales stress-free.” Kixie provides support for inbound and outbound sales, customer support, remote work and more.

Among its products are the PowerCall advanced sales dialer, a complete contact center solution, analytics, reporting, various SMS solutions and more.

10. Twilio

Twilio is a data-driven customer engagement platform that provides scale. According to its website, it powers personalized integrations and global communications to connect companies with customers.

The company offers an array of products ranging from messaging and marketing to live-streaming and personalized data.

11. Upwork

Startup tech companies looking for talent rely heavily on Upwork, which provides a platform for companies and workers to find each other. Potential employers can browse talent by category and potential employees can do the same.

Companies can interview, hire and manage projects right on the company’s platform. It was named to TIME magazine’s List of 100 Most Influential Companies in March 2022.

12. 99designs

If a company needs graphics, 99designs is a good place to start. The company is powered by Vista and connects customers with a professional community of designers.

13. Inc. File

Incfile makes filing business paperwork easy. It has helped over 800,000 businesses navigate the incorporation process since 2004. Whether one is forming an LLC, needs a registered agent or needs to file documents to remain in compliance, Incfile can help.

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