Meet Jasmine Crowe, The Woman Behind Gunna’s Free Grocery Store Who’s Ensuring ‘Everybody Eats’

Jasmine Crowe: I’ve been working with Gunna since 2018. Before I founded my startup — Goodr — I used to work with celebrities to basically start their nonprofits. My whole goal was to help them better manage their star power. I had been working with him for awhile, and of course, a lot of celebrities still reach out to me around holidays, like back-to-school, and Gunna is someone I just finished working with in February. 

We had done a big giveaway foundation in Houston after the winter storms in February. He reached out to me and he says ‘Hey, what can we do for back-to-school?’ I just pitched this to him, I’m like, ‘Listen, I’ve been trying to build this grocery store inside of a school. I think it would be so good if we can make this happen.’ Luckily he was like, ‘I love that, let’s do it.’

It took me about a week or so to come up with the design and the budget, and get it back to him and get his approval, and he said, ‘Cool.’ It was that simple. We built the whole store — from him giving us the go-ahead and us having the idea all within three weeks.

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