Meet Lu Mun E, an Artist with a Dream, And The Vision to Make it Happen.

Meet Lu Mun E, an artist with a dream, and the vision to make it happen.

A talented recording artist with a spontaneous creative process: it’s all about following the mood of the moment to make great sounds happen.

It is not every day that you come across an artist with a dream and a unique story to tell. However, this is most definitely the case of Lu Mun E, an artist who is originally from Ecuador, South America. When he was only a 6-months old baby, his family actually relocated to New Jersey, and eventually to Charlotte, North Carolina. This is the place where Lu Mun E has been living since he was only 3, and consequently, it is also where he first became aquatinted with music.

He discovered the magic of sound at a very young age, and he remembers loving music throughout his entire life. In 2012, he had the opportunity to hang out at a friend’s home studio, where he actually worked on recording his first song. That process was an instant hit for Lu Mun E, who was hooked to the world of music and never looked back. He continued to develop this passion and soon moved from being a beginner to becoming a skilled music artist and songwriter, someone with a deep understanding of how music works and how to make the very best of it in almost any situation.

2012 was also the year Lu Mun E put out his first body of work titled “Cali Weed & Promethazine” hosted by the North Carolina legend “The Incredible Dj Polo.” He spent many years honing his craft and developing new skills, up to the point that he eventually released a fantastic new project titled “Money Machine Music.” This release was dropped in 2021, almost a decade since Lu Mun E’s Musical journey began! This project was a very important milestone for him, it felt like a perfect way to show the world just how much focus he put into his craft, and how much time he invested into becoming the very best music creator that he could possibly be. This isn’t just a cookie-cutter, a common type of artist.

No, Lu Mun E takes great care in crafting every detail of his production from the grounds up, and as a result, his sound is something to write home about. In addition to showcasing significant technical mastery, Lu Mun E is quite special because he also knows when to strike. This means that he knows not to force anything into existence, but rather let inspiration come and illuminate the right path towards creativity.

What makes his creativity so spontaneous and innovative is most definitely the fact that Lu Mun E lets his whole process be guided by the mood at any given time, the vibe of a session, the people he’s with if he ever collaborates on something – literally everything matters, and the circumstances of the situation might lead to new ideas and new types of ideas. Sometimes, Lu Mun E starts his recording process by listening to instrumental beats and instantly locking in with a melody to match and uncover that elusive hook, which is key to a catchy and well-received song.

This is only the tip of the iceberg: Lu Mun E has a very broad range of influences, and the essence of his artistry style knows no limits. He is always eager to make great music happen, and his sound is influential and memorable because of that.

Find out more about Lu Mun E, and do not miss out on his new music. You can connect with the artist on your favorite social media platforms, and you can also find his sounds on all streaming services.





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