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Money Matters: 6 Ways To Budget For Baby

Your baby’s coming and it’s getting down to the wire! Do you have all your coins aligned?

Try not to stress too much because we don’t want the baby making a surprise appearance. Whether budgeting has been on your mind or you haven’t given it one thought, check out these 6 Ways to Budget for Baby:

1. See Where Your Money Will Go

Sit down and make a list. Write out all the things you could ever possibly want or need when it comes to the baby. Next, price it out and compare. Seeing these things written out will ultimately be your blueprint and deciding factor as to what’s actually a necessity.

2. Seriously Price Childcare Options

If you know for a fact you can’t swing staying home beyond your allocated maternity leave, you must take time beforehand to really budget out what childcare costs will look like for you. Even if you have family members that say they will chip in and keep your baby, it’s better to be safe than sorry and budget it out anyway. You never know what may happen to them or if their circumstances suddenly change. Always plan ahead!

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3. Seek A Part-Time Gig

You’ve got your budget down of all the things you’ll need and the costs to expect. Now you have to come up with that money. From the time you find out you’re pregnant, you must start saving immediately. This can come in the form of you cutting out Starbucks as a means to start saving or picking up a part-time gig.

4. Start A Separate Baby Savings Account

Allocate a portion of your check every 1-2 weeks as money solely for your baby. This money needs to

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