MTV NEWS SHUTS DOWN- The End of a Journalism Era

“Hi. I’m Kurt Loder with an MTV News Special Report.” The news realm shall never be the same as MTV News Shuts Down indefinitely from the air waves.

The popular segment that was sandwiched between music videos, TRL countdowns and reality television shows; is saying goodbye. To illustrate how big this is; consider what it would be like if CNN or the Weather Channel went off the air. For almost 4 decades, MTV News is a teen’s only outlet to hear what’s really going on in the world in a format they can relate to and feel.

MTV News is a game changer. Think of all the stories that its pipeline broke. Stories such as:

  • Kurt Cobain’s passing
  • TLC bankruptcy
  • Aaliyah Plane Crash
  • 3LW and Destiny Child Member Changes
  • Choose or Lose segments with various political candidates like Clinton
  • MJ breaking musical records
  • Metallica against Napster
  • Deaths of Tupac and Biggie
  • 9/11
  • Week in Rock
  • Milli Vanilli lip sync
  • You Hear It First
  • Madonna billboard chart phenomenon

Nevertheless, you may wonder why this is happening? If teens and tweensies are consuming news in this way since the 80’s? Well, the fact is, now younger generations are not.

MTV is dead. They killed themselves by no longer playing music videos and thus killed off their relevancy. No one cares about the network or their news stories any longer. Due to this about 25% of staff is being laid off. Bummer.

MTV NEWS SHUTS DOWN- The End of a Journalism Era

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. However, anyone experiencing the era of MTV hype just enjoys fond memories. Here are a few expressions about this topic we found online.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say that MTV News was my primary news source in my formative years. I paid more attention to anything Kurt Loder had to say than almost any other adult in my life. It’s heartbreaking the way media has been allowed to become a total [freaking] wasteland.”

“In a perfect world, Kurt Loder would announce this.”

“After 36 years, MTV News is signing off the air. It marks the end of an era and represents another seismic moment for cable TV.”

“MTV News got an entire generation of Gen Xers and older millennials to start paying attention to global events, politics, the world. Kurt Loder and the MTV News crew expanded a part of my brain that living in small town America never could.”

“MTV News is shutting down after 36 years. Kurt Loder is the greatest thing to happen to MTV. I want my MTV and it will never be the same.

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