Natural Breast Enhancement-How One Woman Grew 3 Cup Sizes!

Natural Breast Enhancement is so appealing because many of us have absolutely no desire to go under the knife. We may sing that we want to be a Barbie Girl (everybody… “in a Barbie World” lol); but in reality a percentage of us don’t wish to be made of silicone, plastic or chemicals. And it’s not because surgery isn’t a hot trend, it is! For instance, times are changing and there is also no longer the stigma of plastic surgery. EVERYBODY is getting procedures and they look fabulous!

But… what if you’re scared of complications or would just prefer to have your own parts in your own natural beauty state and body? That’s fine too! And this article will help you out.

While many say it is impossible to achieve more boobies naturally; there are women from all over the world saying, “Now wait just one darn minute!” There ARE options! So in this feature we are going to tell you about an absolute legend in the NBE (natural breast enhancement) community; and what you can do to grow your bust bigger!

The Myth, The Legend, THE WOMAN That is Chiyomilk!

Women from asian cultures have long heralded various natural breast procedures. From breast slapping to supplements they say you can increase your boobie size with the right techniques, know-how and regular routine.

This is exactly how Chiyomilk got so famous. She went from a B cup to a whopping G cup! And she says there was absolutely no surgery involved. So what the heck did she do???

Well, for starters she started herself on a supplement regimen. She started taking Pueraria Mirifica, alternating this phytoestrogen with a breast enhancement supplement mix. Chiyomilk would take Ladies Pueraria (available in Japan, sorry everybody lol); for the first 14 days (or first half, the Follicular Phase) of her menstrual cycle; and then she would switch to the mixed blend of herbs supplement during the Luteal Phase, or last half of her menstrual cycle.

Chiyomilk feels that following the body’s natural rhythm when taking supplements is the best way to see and experience results. And let us tell ya, this lady was really on it! She even would take her temperature in order to know exactly where she was in her cycle so that she could take the right supplements on that day.

Nevertheless, such attention to detail paid off because she has a pair of robust, shapely Girls to show for it. See the evidence below.




Natural Breast Enhancement



What was the supplement blend that Chiyomilk took during the last half of her menstrual cycle? She took a product called Super B Up drops. It is a herbal blend that contains the following:

  • Saw Palmetto
  • Black Cohosh
  • Red Clover
  • Lemon Juice Powder
  • Wild Yam
  • Sweetener
  • Flavoring Ageny
  • Cumin
  • Chaste Berry
  • Fenugreek

In our money, the cost would be around $200. However, here in the States, you can find blends that are a little cheaper. The most important part when conducting your supplement search is to find a supplement that contains the big 3: Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek and Wild Yam. We will explain why further down in this article.

Natural Breast Augmentation -What Else Contributed to Chiyomilk’s Success?

Every single day Chiyomilk also engaged in fat brushing and breast massage. Plus, she made sure she ate boob friendly foods and…gulp… this is kinda gross, she consumed placenta.

We are sure most of us don’t have the guts (no pun intended) to pop a placenta supplement; but we are only mentioning this because it is something SHE did. You will have to decide for yourself if you want to include this as part of your routine.

Apparently, animal placenta (Chiyomilk took Whitex which is pig placenta); is rich in growth factors, antibodies as well as hormones. These along with other nutrients provided in the placenta help rejuvenate organic tissue and is also said to be great for your hair and beautifying your skin. Once again we could and will never LOL, but if you wish to, the gate is open.

Lastly, Chiyomilk has made sure to take collagen on a daily basis also, regardless of where she was in her cycle. So while she flipped between her Pueraria Mirifica and Super B Drops; collagen was an everyday occurrence.

Natural Breast Augment: Wild Yam Breast Growth and Fenugreek Boobs

So why take Wild Yam and Fenugreek like Chiyomilk? Well, these two awesome elements can help the melons in some ways. What can they do?

Well, let’s start with Fenugreek. Women in Asia and India swear by it, saying it is a beauty remedy that has been passed down for ages to help women increase their breasts and look more buxom. You see, Fenugreek contains phyto-estrogens and diosgenin. These help to increase healthy breast tissue by providing a mastogenic effect that results in enhanced breast size.

Furthermore, not to be outdone, Wild Yam is also a key player in natural breast augment routines. Some ladies add it to their creams in order to use it during their daily breast massages; or you may choose to just ingest it in capsule form. Wild Yam is utilized as a breast enlarger because of its phyto-nutrients. Moreover, Wild Yam’s components are a great compliment to the nutrients that Fenugreek possesses when it comes to stimulating breast size increases.

Natural Breast Enhancement Options -We Must, We Must Increase the Bust!




So how does this all work? Well, it is all about following a strict routine. Not so strict that you will feel like a prisoner to your NBE procedures; but it is something you will have to keep doing every single day. Especially, if you want to see good results.

To begin with, you will need to exercise your chest. This means performing chest exercises like push-ups in order to help shape your breasts. Plus, what is the point of enhancing your girls just for them to look saggy? Performing exercises will help your boobies to be toned with a beautiful shape as they grow.

Furthermore, breast massage will become a daily occurrence for you as well. You will get used to performing circular, inward movements in the morning and at night. Aim for 150 rotations when you wake up and another 150 before you go to sleep.

Another method that many NBE women utilize is called Fat Brushing. It is the idea of gently massaging and moving fat from your arms, back, stomach/waist towards and into your boobs. This is the reason a lot of women in the NBE community suggest gaining weight first, because for this method to work you must already have some flab available to be moved.

Breasts Enhancements Naturally -Which Option Do I Choose?

Now we are sure all of the above sounds like a lot. Plus, you are probably wondering which option should you use for your NBE program and routine. The answer is simple… all of them LOL.

Yes, you will need to massage daily, fat brush and perform chest exercises regularly in order to achieve results. Plus, you will need to take the right supplements (more on this in just a moment). However, once you get the routine down pact you will see it is not as “involved,” complicated or as difficult as it seems.

Nevertheless, some people do struggle with consistency, and this is not something you can just start and quit; and expect to then see results. You HAVE TO stay consistent once you begin and keep at it.

Does Natural Breast Enhancement Work?


Natural Breast Enhancement



This is the number one question ANYONE has before beginning a NBE program. The truth is, there are tons of examples of NBE strategies working; however, there are some cons. For instance, Natural Breast Enhancement is not a quick fix. It will take TIME.

Most ladies want a fast option, they want to see results right away; and when they don’t they give up and say that it does not work. Nevertheless, most of the success stories of women in the NBE community admit that their results didn’t take days, weeks, or months. They took YEARS!

Yes, if you are serious about natural breast augmentation then you have to get into your mindset now, that it will take patience, diligence and dedication to your routine for more that just 30 days. For some, their bodies respond quicker to the supplements and exercise; and they achieve the results they are after in just one year.

Moreover, for others more time is necessary. Chiyomilk grew 3 cup sizes, but it took her… are ready for this… a total of 3 years. For some, that is just too long to wait. However, this is the reality of naturally enhancing your boobies. If you want it, you will have to work for it and it will not happen for you overnight.

Herbs to Increase Breast Size -Pueraria Mirifica, a Fave of NBEs!

First of all, this supplement is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing. Plus, some women even on Amazon, said this supplement is very powerful and works, but they ended up pregnant! A combination of looking curvier for their significant other and because it appears that Pueraria Mirifica may cancel out birth control.

Of course, there are no official studies or research to confirm this. However, this is from real women, who took Pueraria and ended up preggers. So just a little warning if a baby is not exactly in the plans right now.

Nevertheless, now onto what this supplement actually does for the breasts. Pueraria Mirifica is a natural herb that women use for natural breast enlargement, having more energy, enhancing hair and nails; anti-aging as well as some menopausal problems. For some, bigger melons can start show after 4-6 weeks depending on how their bodies react. For others, it can take for 3-6 months to see results.

We won’t kid ya, this supplement unfortunately does not work for everyone. Even most brands who sell it in the U.S. state very clearly that it works in 90% of women; and if it does you can reasonably expect around 1-2 inches of growth.

Natural Breast Enlargement -Don’t Abuse Pueraria Mirifica!

If something works, sometimes people get too trigger happy Lol. This is unfortunately something that happens with NBEs and Pueraria Mirifica. But this is NOT a supplement to play with. It is very powerful and you will want to use it with care so that you don’t unnecessarily cause yourself any problems or reactions.

You should always check with your doctor or health care provider before taking anything; just so you can stay healthy and safe during the process. Moreover, some NBE’ers choose to ease themselves into this supplement by taking only 1 capsule (500 milligrams) every day during their first week.

Then they up the dosage to 1 capsule in the morning and 1 at night. Furthermore, as mentioned above, Chiyomilk cycled her use of Pueraria Mirifica as well, only taking it during HALF of her menstrual cycle, before switching to a breast supplement blend for the rest of the month.

Many in the NBE community feel that by Chiyomilk doing this, it helped her avoid any issues. Her body did not become “overwhelmed” and was able to accept the increase of estrogen naturally. Of course, other women take PM for the entire month and experience results without any side effects. However, side effects can occur with any supplement, so it is always usually best to err on the side of caution. Nevertheless, the choice is always yours!

Natural Supplements for Breast Growth -Where to Shop

The internet is FULL of options. But if you are looking for similar products to what ladies like Chiyomilk used, believe it or not, you can start on Amazon. Just type in Pueraria Mirifica and SEVERAL options will immediately pop up.

Some well reviewed and rated options include: Herbal For Health 100 Capsules Pueraria Mirifica from Thailand and Hida Beauty Brand Natural Herbal Pueraria Mirifica 100 Capsules from Thailand. Each will cost you around $20 and each capsule is 500 miligrams. Most NBE community members say that is all you really need, 500mg capsule in the morning and evening.

Some brands offer outrageous amounts like 2000 and 3000mg! However, this just does not seem safe for the body. Fast results may be appealing but remember it is the tortoise that won the race darling.

Nevertheless, Super B Drops is not available here in the U.S. … BoOOO lol. However, There is a nice vegan supplement by Greenbush that contains Wild Yam, Fenugreek and Saw Palmetto. Once again, for 100 capsules expect to pay around $20. However, keep in mind, if you plan to cycle through your natural breast enhancement supplements like Chiyomilk then 100 capsules will stretch for a few months. Most ladies suggest buying two of each to start with.

Natural Breast Enlargements -The Costs: Surgery Vs Home Remedies



So how does the price stack up in all of this? Well, as we all know surgery, especially GOOD surgery is not cheap. If you are going to go under the knife you will want to find a good, quality doctor to perform your operation.

This could cost you thousands of dollars, however, the results can be well worth it! In a few hours, you can be plumped up and feeling sexy with a set of gorgeous balloons. However, due to school and work, many of us may not have the funds or down time to make this option a reality. Since after surgery there is a recovery phase and a breast massage regimen in order to keep the newly augmented boobs from looking fake and hard.

Nevertheless, home remedies are cheaper, but since you need multiple products you will still be paying out hundreds of dollars every year. How much exactly? Well, Pueraria Mirifica $20, Breast Blend $20, Collagen (we like using Further Foods Collagen Peptides supplement $20-$50) and if decide to tack on placenta (Eww lol), we would estimate a good $80-$100 for 3 months or around $150-$200 for 6 months supply. If you take the top price then you are looking at $400/year.

So of course, home breast augmentation is wayyyy cheaper than surgery; or at least more manageable, but there is still an expense involved. Just something to keep in mind when making your final decisions.

Natural Breast Enhancement Foods -What is Boobie Friendly

When it comes to enlarging your breasts, not all foods are created equal. NBE enthusiasts say that warm foods are better than cold foods; and that some foods are better for your chest than other foods. Therefore, what are some “safe” foods to eat during your NBE journey?

  • Apples
  • Asparagus
  • Avocado
  • Bananas
  • Beef
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Cherries
  • Dairy Foods
  • Eggs
  • Gelatin Rich Foods
  • Papaya
  • Peaches
  • Peanuts
  • Cooked Tomatoes
  • Corn
  • Soy Milk
  • Potatoes
  • Whey Protein
  • Seafood
  • Red Wine
  • Lettuce
  • Goji Berries
  • Olives
  • Chicken Feet
  • Seasame Seeds
  • Protein Rich Foods
  • Raspberries
  • Pomegranate

The list above should get you started in the kinds of foods you should eat during your breast enlargement journey. However, there are some foods according to Taiwanese NBE ladies, you should ignore and try to cut out of your diet as much as possible. Such things as: Beer, Bean sprouts, Cabbage, Grapefruit, Leeks, Kiwis, Coconut, Pineapples, Sugar, Strawberries, Oranges and Watermelon.

Natural Breast Enlargement Massage

Besides massaging daily, you will also need to drink plenty of water. NBE veterans say this is important because it helps to flush out toxins and keep your skin healthy. Healthy skin is important as your chest enlarges and expands.

Massaging your chest area also helps the skin and your pair of Girls by increasing blood circulation. Each day be sure to perform rotations, rotating each breast inwardly one at time or simultaneously. You will want to aim for 300 rotations each day. Most choose to split it up doing half in the morning and half at night.

Also, jiggling is another move that can be performed. Cup your breast then jiggle it upward and diagonally towards the center of your chest. Then do the same move on the other side. You can also juggle both up and down at the same time.

Why do this? It may look and seem funny, but some in the NBE realm call such moves “Boob Gymnastics.” These moves are said to be able to help give a nice shape to your boobs while helping them to get bigger.

Increase Breast Size Naturally -Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail


Natural Breast Enhancement



So what have we learned today? That there are women who are naturally growing bigger busts, BUT it takes work and a nice length of time to achieve. Therefore, the most inportant part is developing a NBE routine that works for you and your lifestyle.

Decide which Pueraria Mirifica brand you will use for one half of your cycle and then choose what breast enlargement supplement blend you will take during the final half of your menstrual cycle. Moreover, be sure to put together a 10 minute breast massage and exercises routine you can do in the morning and at night. Eat boobie friendly foods and stay consistent!

If you stick to Chiyomilk’s and other NBE’s plans, then in time you may experience good results too! However, remember this is not a quick fix, this is not a in 30 days you can have an extra cup size! For some women it takes 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years or like Chiyomilk 3 years to achieve the results they want. If you are ready to put in the time and effort, this route is definitely for you. Welcome to the Natural Breast Enhancement community!

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