Naturally Yellow Teeth? Fix It! Here’s What to Do Glam That Smile

Eyes are the window to the soul, however your smile is your BEST fashion accessory! So shouldn’t it shine bright? Yes Beauties, a megawatt smile can mesmerize any onlooker. Nevertheless, what is you currently are dealing with naturally yellow teeth?

If you are, you are not alone. In fact, teeth whitening is very BIG business. Why? Because after many years it is difficult to keep teeth looking ‘pearly’ white.

Also, you must understand how the tooth is truly structured. You see, there is what is known as a dentin layer that has a naturally yellowish hue to it. This yellowish tone and color literally shows through the enamel in almost everyone. However, it can look more prominent on those that possess a naturally more translucent or thinner enamel.

This revelation is quite the eye opener when you start to think about it. Since this means that your yellow teeth is not only very normal; but could just be a byproduct of your genetics. Therefore, there is no shame in having naturally yellow teeth.

Yellow teeth are not always a sign of poor oral hygiene. Nevertheless, if you would still like to brighten and whiten things up a bit; there is very good news. You can change the look of your teeth!

Once again, this is due to how things work in the realm of your mouth. Yellow staining is often on the outermost layer of your teeth. Moreover, it is this very layer that can commonly be corrected. Yet, it should be noted, when it comes to teeth that are naturally yellow the issue at times can be much deeper.

Therefore, does this mean all hope is lost??? Not at all. There are still some methods that can be utilized. Let’s now discuss those.

Naturally Yellow Teeth? Fix It! Here’s What to Do Glam That Smile

The easiest way is to visit your dentist and learn about deep whitening. This procedure will be professionally handled and you will be on your way to whiter teeth in no time. However, what about home remedies?

There are plenty that people have used at home. The only warning is to be cautious and careful when using these techniques, because you never want to ruin your enamel. So then, if you don’t have a lot of patience or struggle with being a gentle; you may want to refrain.


  1. Use a toothpaste that contains baking soda; or one formulated to whiten teeth. These products contain a very mild abrasive that can gently scrub and remove yellowing.
  2. Brush teeth with a Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda mixture. Make a paste by combining 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Rinse your mouth VERY WELL with water after brushing your teeth with this paste. A study conducted over a decade ago (2012); found that people using peroxide and baking soda not got rid of stains, but whitened their teeth. Significant improvements for many were seen after just 6 weeks.

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