NBA Player Chris Paul Says He Wants To Own An NBA Team — ‘I Would Like To Be A Part Of An Ownership Group’

“I was born and raised in Winston Salem, North Carolina and I actually attended Wake Forest University,” he said during the summit. “Wake Forest was an amazing school, but in my hometown, you have a Wake Forest University over here and you have a Winston State Salem University over here, which is an HBCU. And Winston-Salem State never recruited me. Not saying that I would’ve went there. Not like that, but at the time honestly, there was sort of a blueprint to try to make it into professional sports. You would try to go to one of these big D1 schools so that you could be seen.”

He continued: “The world that we live in now with social media with access and exposure, whatever school you go to they’re gonna find you. For me, I became more aware and I was like ‘Man, these HBCUs are underrepresented. They don’t get the same funding.’ I started to do my research to find out why these schools are offering things at this school but not at these HBCUs. For me as a kid, you just see it as school. You don’t understand the funding. You don’t understand all the nuances of it. I really try to champion HBCUs as much as possible.”

Showing how involved he is with HBCUs, he shared that he is currently a student at Winston-Salem. He joked about being stressed with papers and his professor playing no games.

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