Olympian Al Joyner Purchases The Memorabilia Of His Late Wife Flo-Jo For An Undisclosed Amount

In the deal, the outlet reports Joyner bought back his late wife’s “rare photos and magazines” along with “one of her track satin NBC Olympics jackets, a batch of autographed Barbie dolls, and a pair of the cleats she wore when she set Olympic and world records for the 100 meters and 200 meters.”

He describes the most prized possessions to be Flo-Jo’s pink, yellow, white, and turquoise weight belt and a jacket of his from the 1988 Olympics that was a gift from Flo-Jo, which he hadn’t seen in 36 years. Joyner calls the surprise memorabilia “a blessing in disguise.”

“Rene is great,” he expressed in gratitude. “I know he is on a TV show and all that, but he really is a great guy and really warms my heart.”

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