Philly Congressional Candidate Comes Out For ‘Pure Reparations’ And Multigenerational Payments

Progressive Democrat Alexandra Hunt is campaigning to represent Philadelphia in Congress. The public health researcher, who is white, has come out for “pure reparations” and multigenerational payments to native Black people in the U.S.

Hunt, 29, wants to represent Pennsylvania’s third congressional district, which includes West Philadelphia, most of Center City, and parts of North Philadelphia. The election will take place on May 17, and she is facing fellow Democrats Austin Rodill and Michael Cogbill.

“I support #reparations for Descendants Of American #Freedmen Check out my platform on reparations and developing the Office of Freedman Affairs:” Hunt tweeted on April 18.

In a follow-up tweet, she wrote, “We need a pure reparations package that includes multi-generational direct payments, policies, protections and tax exemptions for descendants of the American Freedmen. Now.”

According to her platform, Hunt said she is calling for “a major investment of $15 billion to begin to reconstruct America. This money will re-establish the Office of Freedman Affairs, which will lead to further developments to close the racial wealth gap of $14-16 trillion.”

Hunt said she “supports a pure reparations package that includes the following remedies: Multigenerational direct payments, policies, protections, and tax exemptions for descendants of those who were promised 40 acres and a Mule.”

Reparations experts such as economist William Sandy Darity define pure reparations as reparations that are conducted on a federal government level and are nade to Black Americans who are descendants of former slaves. Darity co-wrote the book “From Here to Equality: Reparations for Black Americans in the Twenty-First Century,” with his wife, wealth inequality expert A. Kirsten Mullen.

Congressional candidate Hunt’s platform also states, “The Office of Freedman Affairs will be endowed with the resources to help Black Americans learn about their lineage and ancestry, but efforts will not end there. The office will also be empowered to collect data on Black-owned businesses and businesses that employ a high percentage of Black Americans, so that Federal contracts can be steered towards those businesses as well. It will also be charged with helping Black Americans with full exercise of their rights – from help with voting to collecting other benefits for which they qualify.”

Hunt calls for the “teaching of the history of American Freedmen, and their impact on our civic and national life. Americans must learn in school that this country was not only built upon the backs of slaves, but that Freedmen continued to contribute in significant ways to the country we know today, without ever being rightly compensated for the crimes committed against them.”

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Hunt, who describes herself as an advocate for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice, is a former stripper. She launched an OnlyFans account to fund her campaign, The Daily Mail reported.

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform where users can sell and/or purchase original content, much of it, adult in nature.

Hunt said she launched the OnlyFans account to hit back at critics of her stripper past.

“Who says I have to lose an election to start an OnlyFans? There’s no shame in the OnlyFans game,” she said. Her account itself does not feature any illicit or risque content, but instead features Hunt posting about her campaign, The Daily Mail reported.

Hunt is originally from New York and said she worked as an exotic dancer to help “pay her bills” during college. She grew up in Rochester and graduated from the University of Richmond in 2014 with a degree in Psychology, before moving to Philadelphia. She completed her master’s degrees at Drexel and Temple University, where she earned a master of public health degree in 2020.

Photo: Alexandra Hunt is a Democrat running for Congress in Philadelphia on a progressive platform that calls for pure reparations for slavery,

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