Positive Energy- Create and Develop the Life You’ve Always Wanted!

Are you feeling stuck? Maybe you’re in a job you hate, in relationships that aren’t serving you, a state of non-progression or in a cycle of unhealthy behavior. If this sounds like what you’re experiencing, know that you are not alone! It’s time to turn things around by exhibiting some Positive Energy!

No more looking at the glass half full. You look at that glass like it is bubbling towards the top and about to spill the heck over! Why? This is because even simply visualizing a successful outcome can help transform your mindset into believing that things are not only possible, but ACHIEVABLE.

Your life can be as beautiful and masterful as a Michelangelo sculpture. Your existence is like a giant piece of marble just waiting on you to chisel it down into a gorgeous, eye-popping artwork. All you have to do is be willing to work on it day after day, inch by inch, until it resembles exactly what you want. Nevertheless, if achieving success is such a simple formula, why do so many of us flat out struggle?


Positive Energy


Well… So many unfortunately have learned to be automatically negative. It could be how you grew up, had a bad experience that left you with trauma or maybe no one really ever tried to build up your confidence.

Regardless, of what your past may be like; it DOES NOT have to define your present or future. Read that last sentence again if you need to. Positive energy is not dependent on what has occurred in your past. It depends on how you choose to view yourself and circumstances now in the present.

So let’s start today. It is time to begin letting go of anything weighing your heart, mind or soul down. Release the weights, release the chains so that you can lighten and free yourself of anything negative. And read on for helpful tips that will help you infuse more positive energy back into your life!

Positive Energy Sources -Believe it or Not They are All Around You!


Positive Energy


Many people have the tendency to reach out to a friend, mentor, role model or a career coach, because they feel stagnant and are not achieving the results they want in their life. Deciding to get support is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. There is no shame in asking for help.

In fact, this often saves time and money, while reducing the chance that you quit on your goals. When you are feeling stuck, embracing positivity and those that exude it is one thing that will help you create success!

Your mindset plays a large part in the results you are actually getting in your life.

Mindset involves how you generally view the world and yourself in it. Do you see the glass as half empty or half full? When some professionals work with their clients, they explore their mindset and what they think is possible for themselves. This helps to get to the root of any fears or negative thoughts that limit them from reaching their goals.

Below you will find outlined, the key areas where tapping into more positivity will help, regardless of what you want. Are you looking for ways to increase your income? Would you like to find a fulfilling career and stop wasting your time in jobs that aren’t for you? Want less toxic friends? It is all possible if you remain positive!

Let’s discuss three ways positivity helps you create success!

Positive Attitude -Here’s Exactly How to Create It




1. Come from a place of gratitude- When you are being positive, you see the glass as half full. You know there are many people who are less fortunate than you are. Billions of people in the world live on less than $1.25 a day, without conveniences like indoor plumbing or running water. Do you see how this puts your draining, manipulative boss at work into perspective?

When you celebrate what you do have, you are expressing gratitude, which helps to draw more positive experiences and opportunities into your life. This might be hard to focus on at first, but it doesn’t take much research to see that this is what separates the extremely, successful people from everyone else.


Positive Energy



2. Connect with others- Positive people are attractive. They stand out from others and are able to build deep connections in their personal and professional lives. Who would you rather be around someone who is growing and pursuing new things, or someone who is always talking about why dreams never come true?

This might seem obvious, but most people are limiting their own success by surrounding themselves with negative people. By making the conscious decision to be more positive, some relationships in your life could disappear. At the same time, you will be building new connections to help you evolve.

3. See new opportunities- Your mindset determines how you view situations and opportunities. This is important because you are either pulling what you want towards you with your thoughts and actions, or you’re pushing it away from you.


Positive Energy



For example, let’s say that two people in a company are laid off. One person sees it as a blessing in disguise because they weren’t happy at the company and not making enough money to live the lifestyle they want. The other person disliked the job as well for the same reasons, but saw themselves as a victim of the company and the economy. Who do you think is more likely to ace their next job interview?

Usually, when you are feeling stuck there is confusion about something in your life. This could show up as not knowing what your ideal career is, feeling constantly drained by the people around you, or repeating behaviors that you know won’t get the results you want.

Focusing on having a positive mindset can help you create success through gratitude, forming deep connections, and seeing new opportunities. What is one thing you can do to have more positivity in your life?

Seriously… Why Do We Limit Ourselves When It Comes To Success

If it’s to Be, it’s Up to Me.

In an article by American inspirational speaker and author Ester Hicks, the concept of people having an inner thermostat setting that determines how much love, success and creativity we allow ourselves to enjoy, is viewed as one of the ways that we limit our success. Programmed at an early age, the thermostat seems to hover around a consistent level much like the temperature in a room.

Success seems to elude many of us as we go out and work as hard as we can to obtain the skills and knowledge to try to create the change and situations that will deliver the vision of what we hope to achieve.

Brian Tracy in his work supports the concept that people’s success quotient involves skills and knowledge – but most importantly attitude. Attitude has been identified by a Carnegie Foundation study as accounting for up to 85% of success.




Our personalities and attitudes are developed through our relationships and experiences. Our attitudes begin to develop in childhood and constantly evolve and change over the years through day-to-day interactions and experiences.

Personal development experts often offer suggestions for how attitudes can be changed and consequently evolve. Some of their suggestions include:

  1. Identification and understanding of what you want to change
  2. Using role models for inspiration and encouragement
  3. Defining how the change of attitude will produce your desired results
  4. Being with people that reflect and support the new attitudes
  5. Believing in your ability to change and achieve your desired outcomes.

STOP SELF-LIMITING YOURSELF! False Narratives That are Preventing You From Achieving Positive Thinking




Yet, for many of us, this idea of a self-limit seems to persist. Ester Hicks suggests that the foundation for the Upper-Limit Problem is a set of four hidden barriers…

Hidden Barrier No. 1: Feeling Fundamentally Flawed Therefore You Play Small

The belief that one is fundamentally flawed is, in some ways, an immense barrier to optimal experience. As well, it brings with it a related fear: If you did make a commitment to fully using your unique gifts, you might fail. This belief tells you to play it safe and stay small. That way, if you fail, at least you fail small.

Hidden Barrier No. 2: Disloyalty and Abandonment.

This barrier is the feeling that I cannot expand to my full success because it would cause me to end up all alone, be disloyal to my roots and leave behind people from my past.

Hidden Barrier No. 3: Believing That More Success Makes You a Bigger Burden.

This barrier is the feeling that I cannot achieve my highest potential because I’d be an even bigger burden than I am now.

Hidden Barrier No. 4: The Crime of Outshining.

The unconscious mantra of the outshining barrier goes like this: I must not achieve my full success, because if I did I would outshine someone and make him or her look or feel bad. This barrier is very common among gifted and talented children.

As you can imagine, holding onto any of these thoughts which are usually false beliefs about ourselves, coupled with the need for an attitude shift and perhaps the need for a role model or new associates can be a powerful formula for change.

Gleicher’s change formula (D X V X F> R) suggests that this change is usually motivated by our dissatisfaction coupled with a vision and an understanding of the first step, coming together and exceeding our resistance. Only then can we produce the necessary catalyst for change.

Success, although very personal for each of us, does need a properly set internal thermostat along with the necessary mentors and goals to create that desired change for the better.

WORK HARD – Achieving Your Goals and Setting Yourself Up For Success




“There is arguably no better satisfaction in life than achieving a goal.”

The intricacies and determination necessary to follow a plan through and then witnessing the culmination to your own ends is dare I say arousing. Do you have what it takes to make your own success?

Selfishness, growing up we were told this was a bad word. In fact the definition is exactly the driving factor of capitalism and thus the majority of our civilization; “concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.” First, let’s be perfectly clear. Focus isn’t a zero sum game. The act of being focused is simply the pursuit of your own goals.

Now, regardless of what you desire, whether it be your dream job, a new position, or graduate school admission, the pursuit of that dream is front and center. We can guarantee the person who has the strongest interest in seeing you reach that goal is yourself.

The first place to start is defining the goal. Seriously, this is a critical aspect because setting expectations to low doesn’t reward any of us with the same satisfaction an arduous goal provides. At the same time, an unrealistically strict goal fails because the objective is to complete the goal.

A goal that is ultimately never completed is useless. Therefore, after defining the goal, immediately write it down. And not just in one place, remind yourself of where you are heading by writing it down everywhere!

Put that dream and goal down in writing in your daily planner or journal. Write it on a stack of post-its then stick them on mirrors, throw them in draws. Think of this exercise as a constant reminder to you me focused on the task at hand.

Become enamored with wanting to see your dream come through. Then, start doing something small each day in order to make it happen. Remember, short and steady still wins the big race!

7 Practices of Successful People

The working harder and longer all the time does not always mean you’ll be successful. The key to being a successful person is not working harder or working longer, but working less and working smarter.

If you want to be successful, get more done, and work less, take some time to learn from these 7 practices of successful people.

Is it too late to change? Never! Start today and watch how your work ethic improves. Moreover, it has been proven time and again that the best way to learn is through visuals. As a result we wish to share a really cool visual aid with you.

Therefore, feast your eyes on the below blueprint to success! Apply the 7 practices of successful people and the rewards will be yours.





It’s Time to WIN… Positive Energy, Strong Mindset and Weekly Positive Vibes

“So what’s the difference between the person who reached their goal and the person who has not? Simply, the former has a plan.”

For your latest or current goal(s) try focusing on accountability for success. Give yourself something to shoot for, like an “end date.” For example, for a particular goal there is a six week timeline.

In the large scheme of things, six weeks is a very short time especially given the nature and purpose of goals. Ideally a goal should be something you strive for that will facilitate continued future success. Therefore, the next six weeks this goal and everything that it takes to complete it will be paramount to almost everything else in your life.

A fundamental question that needs to be asked throughout the pursuit of a goal is; what have you actually done to set yourself up for success? Accountability is critical. It’s great to define goals and even better to create a plan. Now its time to take action!

Personally, at the beginning of each week think about a couple of things that you could do that will aid in your success. Then at the end of each week grab one of those rigorously worn out yellow pads of paper and take note of what you have actually done that week in furtherance of your goal. If at the end of a week you have absolutely nothing written down, it’s time to get tough and give yourself a swift kick in the butt!

The only way forward is to move yourself forward. It’s like the game Monopoly; you roll the dice and need the move your emblem to the next square. But YOU have to move it, otherwise you stay in the same spot. So then, stop taking chances on yourself where you only roll the dice and never move forward. Take actual steps, put in the WORK and you will reach exactly where you want to go!




However, at the same time don’t work yourself to death. RECHARGE. The weekend is a great time to relax and reflect on life.

For instance, next Sunday instead of sleeping in, wake up an hour earlier, brew some coffee, turn on some tunes, and sit and contemplate your next goal. Think about something you’ve longed for and start formulating a plan on how you are going to reach that goal. Also, celebrate all of your hard work. Any step forward is worth noting and being happy about. The journey is just as wonderful as the destination!

Here’s to your success!

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