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Pregnancy And Multiple Sclerosis? Is It Possible?

multiple sclerosis and pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth are two remarkable experiences. Being able to bring life into the world is such a beautiful thing and it’s unfortunate that some women don’t get the opportunity to do so because of certain medical conditions that they face. When it comes to living with any type of disease or sickness, sadly there are many factors that may stop you from doing certain things that you may have wanted to do at some point in your life. For instance, people living with diabetes may not be able to participate in a hot dog eating contest, or people living with pelvic inflammatory disease may not be able to conceive children through sex. But what about people living with multiple sclerosis? Is pregnancy still a possibility for them? 

How It Is To Live With Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease that affects young adults between the ages of 20-40. MS affects your brain and spinal cord, which is your body’s nervous system.

It’s when your immune system attacks your nerve fibers and myelin shealing in your brain and spinal cord. When this happens, for some patients it debilitates your body physically. These patients usually lose their ability to walk, write and or speak. 

There are multiple types of MS as well, each having different symptoms and effects on a person.

Most people when diagnosed with multiple sclerosis usually have relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis. When living with this form of MS, the symptoms that you may see are impaired mobility and vision, spasticity, speech difficulty, fatigue, cognitive effects and more.

These symptoms usually last days or weeks and then can disappear for months or even a year.

Since this form of MS is remitting (the symptoms can come back), patients who were diagnosed with relapse remitting multiple sclerosis usually have to stay on medication even if they are in remission. The other forms of MS are Secondary Progressive, Primary Progressive and Benign multiple sclerosis. 

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Can Living With MS Lower Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant?

The good news about MS is that if you were ever planning to become pregnant, you still can. Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis does not affect your chances of becoming pregnant or having a healthy pregnancy and baby. There has been no reported evidence that

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