Pusha T Delivers Menacing New Visuals For “Call My Bluff”

Pusha T dropped off a new video from his “It’s Almost Dry” album, warning his enemies not to “Call My Bluff.”

Pusha T gave his fans some fresh new visuals less than a week after dropping his highly anticipated new album, It’s Almost Dry.

The eerily dark video for “Call My Bluff” directed by Omar Jones & Onda sees Pusha T embrace a more sinister side, showing folks precisely what could happen if you get on the wrong side of him.

Scenes include Pusha T enjoying a sumptuous dinner party surrounded by guests. In contrast, we also see a solitary King Push dining on rare steak while sitting in the center of a plastic-covered chamber, reminiscent of a Dexter-style kill room.

Pusha T teased the arrival of the unsettling new video via his social media, sharing an ominous trailer for the song. Watch the full video below. 


According to Pharrel, he helped Pusha T embody a more menacing character during their studio sessions. While they were recording, he would play The Joker on mute, allowing Push to channel the nefarious energy. 

“For me, I’ve known who Arthur Fleck was all my life,” Pharrell says, describing how Push personifies Joaquin Phoenix’s character. “It’s him. That’s who the f### he is. He’s really that. And he hadn’t seen Joker. That’s the funny thing. I had to get him to watch it. He hadn’t even seen [the movie], and when I got him to watch it I was like, ‘Bro, you know this is you, right?’ And at first, he thought I was kidding. I had to tell him I wasn’t kidding. He’s watching the s### that he does, and he’s like, ‘Oh, this is me.’”

Meanwhile, Pusha T revealed that fans can thank Kanye West for the new “It’s Almost Dry merch.




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