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Cannaboom is a Spanish company with 20 years of experience in the cannabis sector, dedicated to research on the cultivation and development of plant nutrients and additives. Founded in 2005, its main objective is to offer growers high-quality solutions for the nutrition of their plants at competitive prices and that, above all, offer results beyond any doubt.

Today we want to introduce you to some of their products and tell you about their main characteristics to make it is easier for you to get the most from this fantastic range of nutrients and stimulators for cannabis. We’re sure that you won’t regret your choice!

Cannaboom – nearly 20 years of experience in the field of cannabis fertilisers and additives

Cannaboom, premium nutrients and additives

Without a doubt, the success of Cannaboom is based on the results obtained with its products. Who hasn’t heard of its famous Revienta Cogollos (aka Bud Buster) and the fantastic yields it provides? Or the explosive root growth that is achieved with their Raimil? As is often the case, the best publicity is customer satisfaction, and this is where Cannaboom does not fail, always offering products to improve the quantity and quality of our flowers without complications.

Now let’s take a look at the Cannaboom products that you can find at Alchimia Grow Shop, thanks to which so many growers today are enjoying truly monstrous flowers…let’s get to it!

Cannaboom Boker range

This interesting range consists of 3 water-soluble nutrients intended for the different phases of plant development. Boker 1 is intended for the growth period, promoting vigorous and exuberant growth both in the aerial part of the plant (leaves, stems and branches) and in the underground part, ie, the roots. It is usually used throughout the growth phase and also during the first two weeks of the flowering photoperiod.

Boker 2 contains everything you need for an explosive start to flowering, helping to create a structure in branches and buds that will enhance the final production of flowers. It is especially rich in phosphorus and potassium and is used during the first 4 weeks of the flowering phase. Finally, Boker 3 is specially formulated for the fattening phase of the flowers, approximately from the third week of flowering until the final flushing of the roots begins.

Achieving bigger and heavier flowers is the goal of the Cannaboom range (Photo: Avery Meeker)
Achieving bigger and heavier flowers is the goal of the Cannaboom range (Photo: Avery Meeker)

When using these fertilisers, it is recommended to dilute the amount to be used in a little warm water until completely dissolved. Once diluted, they will easily mix with the rest of the water or nutrient solution. In this way, we will avoid clogging the drippers when using automatic irrigation systems.

Cannibal and Raimil, for explosive plant growth

If you want outstanding growth, these two products will help you achieve it. On the one hand, Cannibal is a powerful mixture of beneficial microorganisms for plants, which greatly improve the assimilation of nutrients while protecting the root system from the attack of diseases and pathogenic fungi such as fusarium or pythium. Thanks to Cannibal, the roots of your plants will be in perfect condition and will be able to absorb large amounts of nutrients quickly and effectively.

On the other hand, Raimil is a powerful root growth stimulator formulated from plant extracts, thus being completely organic. Whether your plants are in containers or mother earth, the growth of primary and secondary roots will be exceptional thanks to Raimil, resulting in healthy and strong plants with an enormous capacity to process nutrient elements. And as we all know, the secret to a good harvest starts with healthy roots!

Root rot on cannabis plants

In this article we tell you about root rot, a disease caused by different root fungi that attacks a large number of plants, causing severe damages in numerous crops. Although it’s almost impossible to treat, we can prevent its appearance by following a few simple steps, which of course we share with you!

Cannaboom bloom boosters

The Cannaboom range of fertilisers and stimulators for the flowering phase is very complete, achieving results within the reach of very few. As we will see, they have several products for fattening flowers, so that they will develop with greater volume and density, ostensibly improving the final yield of the crop as well as its flavour and aroma.

Biotonex F1, for example, is a powerful flower and fruit formation stimulator suitable for all types of environments and cultivation substrates, from mother earth to the most modern hydroponic systems. Thanks to its formulation, you will get your plants to start (and finish) before flowering, in addition to increasing the size and final weight of the buds. With this product you will take better advantage of the nutrients you are using, whether it is foliar feeding or irrigation, increasing the enzymatic capacity of the plants.

You probably already know the Cannaboom brand for its excellent PK supplement, called Revienta Cogollos (Bud Buster) a rich cocktail of nutrients, amino acids and enzyme complexes that gives your flowers what very few can achieve: dense, tight and above all, enormous buds, worlds away from the same buds that have not been fed with this product. Of course, you can use it with any type of substrate, whether in indoor or outdoor cultivation. Within its Fullcrem range, Cannaboom offers another concentrated version of this product called Red Boom.

With this kit of base fertilizers and accessories we have everything you need for an abundant harvest
With this kit of base fertilizers and accessories we have everything you need for an abundant harvest

Although the Revienta Cogollos is usually used from the third to the fifth week of flowering, once the flowers are well formed, what interests us is that they grow as much as possible, and, above all, they gain weight and consistency. For this, we have Roca Boost, a supplement rich in potassium (K), proteins and silicon that manages to transform our flowers into veritable rocks. Normally (in varieties of about 9 weeks) it is used between the fifth and eighth week, until the roots are flushed.

Lastly, and as a finishing product for flowering, Cannaboom offers us Bloom Rider, with which you can achieve a final product of the best quality. Thanks to its formulation, the flowers harden even more during this last period of the plants’ life, generating more final weight at harvest time. It is used between the sixth and eighth week of flowering and it is recommended to properly adjust the pH of the nutrient solution.

As we have seen, the Cannaboom range allows us to achieve excellent results, whatever type of crop we do. The quality of the raw materials used and their formulations allow us to get the full potential of the plants, with larger and heavier flowers and a superior final yield. As always, we will be happy to answer your questions or comments below.

Happy growing!

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