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Random Rash? Here’s What May Be Causing It?

random rash

Have you looked over yourself lately? As in taking a nice shower and doing your 4-step (or however many steps you have) skincare routine and once you’re done, you take a look at your body and see what’s going on. What about giving yourself a once-over after a long day of work? However you decide to check on yourself, can you remember the last time you did so? Can you remember if you found anything out of the ordinary? Maybe a bruise or a scratch? Those are pretty common mishaps that can appear on the skin. Other common mishaps that can appear on the skin are rashes. You may be dealing with this random rash and have no idea where it came from. Why is that? Well, a random rash can appear for a multitude of reasons, here’s how and why.

What This Weather Might Be Doing To Your Body

As the season changes, so does your body’s largest organ. The skin is a very delicate part of everyone’s body that needs special care the same way your insides do.

A paper cut can cause bleeding and leave marks. The slightest bump to your legs or arms can cause a bruise to form later on and let’s not even get started on the damage something too hot or too cold can do. With that being said, the slightest thing can cause changes to your skin, so the weather affecting your skin should be of no surprise. 

When it’s hot outside, your skin can suffer from sunburn from being in the sun for too long without any sunscreen, as well as oiliness and clogged pores.

When it’s cold outside, your skin can become extremely dry and irritated due to your pores drying out. This leads to cracked skin, uncomfortable itching, and skin that feels extremely rough when you touch it. It can also lead to unwanted rashes. 

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Why You’re Noticing These New Rashes

The reason why you may be noticing new rashes on your body is because your skin is dry. Once the skin is too dry, dry patches begin to form, and once a dry patch forms, itchiness begins.

If you start to experience itchiness, the first thing you’re going to do is scratch it because that’s your mind telling you how to ease the itch. This is how you begin to notice the rash.

Another way you might notice these new rashes is because they cause texture on your skin. You could be deep in thought, working or trying to figure out where a puzzle piece should go and start to rub on your skin. Once you notice this raised texture that feels different from the rest of your body, you’re going to immediately look down and notice that it is indeed a rash that has formed. 

What They Could Be

There are different explanations for what these rashes may be that you’re experiencing. One is that it could be an

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