Rapper GloRilla Claims She Didn’t Make ‘One Red Cent’ From Smash Hit ‘F.N.F. (Let’s Go)’

“N-gga done made so much money from ‘F.N.F.’ and I haven’t made not one red cent (other than shows),” GloRilla said on Facebook, according to XXL. “But I’m still prospering ’cause guess what? I can rap in real life and ain’t no MF one-hit-wonder. I wrote every single lyric in every single song I ever put out and even after all this, I still got love for Hitkidd ’cause we came up together, even doe he been going behind my back ever since the song blew but dat’s another story for another day. I just hate da fact he had to bring da business to social media when I could’ve been came out about the snake sh-t he been doing to me.”

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