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R&B Legend Al B. Sure Awakes After 2-Month Coma: “Doctors Didn’t Think I’d Make It” –

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On Monday, 54-year-old R&B legend Al B. Sure, whose real name is Albert Joseph Brown III, shared that he had recently woke up from a two-month-long coma. He shared this news via an update on Twitter alongside a photo from the hospital. You can tell in the photo that the singer had gotten remarkably thin and needed help walking.

“A very humble thank you for the prayers my @WBLS1075NYC family. I’m alive, awake, on the mend,” he wrote. “Submissively grateful! #AllPraiseisDuetoAllah. I’ll share more of my health experience soon in hopes to encourage us all to stay on top of our #HealthandWellness #GoSeetheDoctor ❤️ ABS!”

His son, Albert Brown IV, also posted a photo of the pair, celebrating his birthday and his father’s recovery.

“Thank your every 1 for the bday wishes!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾 been kinda out of it and in my own world!! @officialalbsure POPS BEEN hospitalized FOR 2 months and he just made it out!!” he wrote. “Thank u for all the concerns and worries about my family! Today is my day but this is for my pops! All I want for him is to get out that f—ing hospital!! We need u big homie!!”

In an open letter to fans on Wednesday, the new jack swing singer-songwriter opened up about the recent “medical rollercoaster” that landed him in the hospital in a two-month coma.

“I want to send a personal and sincere thank you to all of you who sent prayers, well-wishes and positive energy my way,” Sure! said. “I now value everyday functionality like walking, talking and breathing on your own with no assistance from a medical professional or machines. Take none of those things for granted.”

Sure! said his health ordeal began in July when he “began to lose feeling on the entire left side of my body” and “fell over” while working in the studio.

“I only remember sitting in the ER in a wheelchair and my brother, DJ Eddie F, standing next to me speaking with security,” Sure! recalled the incident.

While the “Night & Day” hit singer didn’t go into full detail about the cause of his medical episode, he shared he “accumulated excessive fluid in my lungs, fungal pneumonia, became septic (and) had lymph nodes removed.”

Sure! said he underwent various medical procedures during his hospitalization, including an organ transplant, “multiple blood transfusions,” intubation and being placed on a ventilator. The severity of his condition left Sure!’s doctors “fully prepared to send me to hospice,” he said.

“Doctors said it just didn’t look as if I’d make it through with everything going on simultaneously,” Sure! said. “Thank God I’m alive, alert, gradually healing and forever grateful for my time being extended on His green Earth. I’m maintaining a positive mindset throughout this healing process.”

“This unforeseen medical roller coaster has been a complete life-changing experience,” writes Al on his Instagram. “And I truly value everyday functionality like Walking, Talking and Breathing on your my own with no assistance from a medical professional or machines. Take none of the forementioned for granted.”

“Here’s an abbreviated version of events ••• In early to mid-July I was in a meeting over lunch, wrapped up and proceeded back to the studio to continue working on my upcoming project. As I sat in front of the computer I began to

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