Revamp Home Gym and Body for Under $160!

Looking to tone up all over in the comfort of you Home? Well, you have come to the right place. Today we are sharing details on the Best Push Up Board that you can purchase right off of Amazon!

Furthermore, what makes this board by GONEX even more awesome is that it comes to a plethora of accessories. Meaning you will be able to own a full on toning system to sculpt abs, legs, as well as your arms; literally multiple tools than just the board itself. WINNING!

Moreover, GONEX explains why their push up board and accompanying accessories are selling like hot cakes. They explain:

“Gonex workout equipment is Foldable and Portable, and is equipped with a large-capacity storage bag. Gonex home gym equipment can build your muscle and burn your fat when you are at home, office, hotel during business trips. You no longer have to be unable to exercise because of insufficient space at home or pay expensive gym equipment fees.”

Sound like something up your fitness alley? Great! However, before you purchase; check out a few reviews below on this product from consumers just like you.

Best Push Up Board: Revamp Home Gym and Body for Under $160!

Reviews are CLUTCH when comes to making a purchasing decision. Now on Amazon this GONEX item has received 4.5 out of 5 stars! Mainly due to ease of use, good value for the money and being great for a full body workout. Nevertheless, here are a few reviews to help you get a fuller picture.

“This system is high quality. The booklet provides you with many exercises to do with the equipment.”


“Hesitant that it would not work. Boy was I wrong! I’m a Personal Trainer and Health Coach, so I’m picky. I am going to buy another one fir my clients to use.”

“This is a really nice enhancement to a traditional band set. Versatile is a perfect description. The platform provides some cool options for push-ups and a great alternative for squats. Good booklet to provide ideas about different moves that can give you a total body workout. And the bar+handles provide a nice variability to keep your muscles guessing.

I would say this is a great for those who are in-shape and want to stay there, but don’t want the hassle of a gym. Good for beginners as well, probably a rest day option for high performance athletes.”


“I do not have experience with other banded kits, but this Gonex system is hitting on all cylinders. The mat design is great; I don’t remember seeing any others this well done. Very flexible in ways to use it, the bands can be easily tightened or loosened by how many hooks on the board you utilize. The manual is excellent. Clearly written in English, with a number of exercises and related info plainly laid out. I just wish it was a little larger, as there is so much info available there.

With a smaller room in our house for exercising, this takes up less space than bulky weights, barbells and dumbbells, yet I find my workouts very thorough.”


“Watching the gonex videos online are more helpful than the manual. As a guy I double the bands for some excercises. Very versatile.”


“This product is pretty good. I’m no stranger to working out and brought this to keep toned. There are plenty of accessories to chose from for a good workout. I was quite surprised the base broke when I was doing a workout. This made me think this may be good for true beginners. The good part is that you can do most workouts even though the base is halved (mine broke) but it is a-little annoying. Overall it’s a product, their may be better products depending on how hard you want to go.

Update: I’ve gotten a great full body tone so far. This is really helpful for tool! Love it!”


“I was really satisfied with this product until one day the base broke when I was doing one of my back exercises.

I received a whole new replacement base plus the ropes shortly after writing this review! Which is why I changed it to 4 stars now.”

Gonex Portable Home Gym Workout Equipment with 14 Exercise Accessories



So are you ready to level up your home gym? These is a great addition to any equipment you may already own. Especially, if your goal is to maintain your nice sleek, toned physique.

Therefore, how much does the Best Push Up Board on Amazon cost? Currently, you can purchase it for just $155. When you think about gym costs, you can see how this piece of fitness equipment easily pays for itself.

As a bonus, we noticed that Amazon offers a $10 off coupon on this push up board. Now we are not sure how long this price reduction will last, but if you act fast you can get in on the deal! Happy shopping!

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