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Reversible Causes of Dementia –

reversible causes of dementia

According to recent data, African Americans are not only more likely to be diagnosed with dementia, but they are also at risk for being diagnosed at a much later stage. That information is important because if you’re interested in reversing the symptoms of dementia, getting an early start can make a huge difference. After an official diagnosis, there are a few steps you can take to fight the effects of these degenerative diseases. 

Effective Ways To Reverse Dementia 

The first thing you need to know is that dementia is not one illness. It’s actually an overall term that is used to describe diseases that affect the way someone thinks, makes decisions, carries out certain functions, and processes memories.

The most common of these is Alzheimer’s disease but there are others. With that in mind, these tips may need to be personalized to fit your specific diagnosis. 

1. Have balanced meals

Studies strongly suggest that eating brain-healthy meals can help to reverse the effects of dementia. That means avoiding too much refined sugar, refined carbohydrates, dairy products, processed foods, caffeine, and vegetable oils. You should eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, poultry, and healthy fats instead. 

2. Sleep well

Sleep is essential to repairing the damage that your body has sustained throughout the day. The brain and scientific data suggest that a well-rested brain is a healthy one. Don’t shy away from asking your doctor for tips on sleeping better. 

3. Keep depression at bay

Many peopl with dementia develop depression but this mood disorder has also been linked to worsening dementia. It’s best to consult with a therapist to find out your best options for dealing with depression. 

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4. Cut down on drinking alcohol

This is another suggested diet change for those who would like to reverse dementia. Alcohol has been known to encourage inflammation in the body which can encourage the progression of your illness. 

5. Check your medications

In a few cases, worsening dementia symptoms can be linked to the medication that you take for other illnesses. That’s why it’s important to discuss all your medications and their interactions or side effects with your doctor. 

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