‘RHOBH’ Stars Mock Haitian Food, Get Roasted

Who the hell asked for their opinion?

RHOBH stars Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards learned the hard way not to mess with Haitians.

In a recent episode of their reality show, actress Garcelle Beauvais decided to host the former soap actress and Paris Hilton’s auntie for dinner. Ever the gracious host, Garcelle decided to cook Haitian food — in honor of her roots — for these bougie KarensHousewives.

But Garcelle took it one step further. Rather than cook the food herself, she commissioned a professional chef to cook the finest in Haitian cuisine. The RHOBH star told Bravo that she was “thrilled” to host her castmates into her home. And the menu — which consisted of Joumou, Boulettes de Morue (salted cod balls), Lambi (stewed conch), and Djon Djon mushrooms with black rice (diri ak djon djon) — certainly didn’t disappoint.

“This is me opening up my world, my culture, showing them that I want them to get to know me more. And I’d like to get to know them more as well,” she said.

But Garcelle should have figured out that her fellow RHOBH stars hate everything that involves seasoning and culture. These ladies think salt is spicy. All that money, and not an ounce of class to be found.

Anyway, in the episode, Lisa Rinna decided to turn up her nose at every fish dish — especially the conch — while saying how much she “hates” fish. (But she eats sushi, so…you make it make sense.) Meanwhile, Kyle Richards took to her confessional to make clear how much she hates Haitian food.

Predictably, the Zoe contingent banded together on Twitter and dragged these b###### ladies by their over-processed, Botoxed-to-the-Gods roots. Check out the well-deserved roasting below.

Kyle … You eat caviar … But you have a problem with conch?! #RHOBH


Why the fck are Kyle and Rinna acting like they’re trying food on an episode of fear factor. Like calm down it’s just seasoning. Looking ignorant AF #RHOBH


If these women can eat escargot and caviar with no issue, they can try some damn conch #RHOBH


Lisa Rinna is such a Karen. Haitian food is delicious. #RHOBH


Welp. Oh byen.

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