Rihanna Wears Alexander Wang FW23 in Los Angeles-Ask and Tell

The Item: She is the moment and she is a style VISIONARY! Rihanna wears Alexander Wang FW23 while out and about, as well as heading to dinner in Los Angeles, California. Fans spied Rihanna in her chic, relaxed look thanks to celebrity photographers posting to social media platform, Instagram.

You Asked: Hi ladies. I got another one for you. My girl popped up in my feed and I discovered that she’s wearing Alexander Wang. Is her look recent or old? Also, I love her purse! Do you guys have any fashion ID information on her bag yet?

Rihanna Wears Alexander Wang FW23 in Los Angeles-Ask and Tell

The Verdict: Hello DARLING! It’s always fabulous to hear from you! We absolutely love when you all contact us with your various style identification questions.

Moreover, we too ADORE Rihanna’s dinner look from this week. She once again proves that mommy-to-be wear does not have to be boring or just some oversized dress. You can be sporty, cute and athletically sultry. Therefore, why don’t we go ahead and get into all of the fashion intel we found out about this Fenty street style ensemble. There is A LOT to cover, but as always we will try out best to be concise.. so let’s go!

Rihanna’s black tracksuit is in fact by fashion designer, Alexander Wang (so you were right on the money). It is not an older piece at all. In fact, it is from the FALL/WINTER 2023 collection and was specifically look number 42; from the collection’s runway show.

Nevertheless, besides snatching a fun little number straight off the runway, Miss Fenty completes her look with some gorgeous accessories. For instance, that handbag (the mink dragon clutch bag) you like is by GUCCI. It is a bag developed during the tenure of the great and iconic, TOM FORD.

Moreover, RihRih also is dripping in a fab plethora of diamond jewelry by XIV KARATS (custom mom ring); Rolex watch, BVLGARI necklace and Joseph Saidian and Sons jewelry. Once again, Rihanna demonstrates another fashionable take on things. When you wear athleisure you can diva it up and wear some eye-blinding jewelry. The result will look highend, but laidback.

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