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RIP to TAKE OFF: Details Surrounding His Shocking & Untimely Death

Sincerest Condolences to the Family, Friends, and Fans of Takeoff, Member of Legendary Hip Hop Group Migos.

So, you already know by now that Takeoff from the Migos has been murdered in Houston. The slaying happened at a private party downtown at a bowling alley. There were only a few people there, relatively speaking (about 50 or so). And it all stemmed from a dice game.

The streets are active right now and definitely talking. I


So what I am hearing is Takeoff was not even playing dice. He was off in the corner somewhere. Quavo was playing dice with some people, apparently the wrong people. We’re not name dropping right now, but some connected heavy weights from Houston. And the situation allegedly got tense and aggressive. Somebody and Quavo got more aggressive than the rest of the pack, and then all hell broke loose. According to my sources, somebody with Quavo and Takeoff started to shoot, and then their adversaries started to shoot back.

What I am getting, tragically, is that the initial shots from The Migos on guys hit Takeoff. Yes, my sources say this platinum-plus, Grammy nominated rapper was hit by his own man. Remember, Takeoff was just in the back. According to people that I’ve heard from, he simply got up to see what was going on with Quavo. And when he got up to observe, he was hit in the head fatally. By the way, Quavo was not hit. I’ve been hearing that a lot too. A couple other people were hit with non-fatal shouts though.


Quavo, according to sources, was trying desperately to revive and tend to Takeoff. I heard it was just immediately known to be catastrophic. Over a dice game. And, I was told that Takeoff literally wasn’t saying anything to anybody. He was simply there, and minding his own business. And this is consistent with the guy we’ve always known, he was always the quietest, and the least assuming member of The Migos.

Now, we have to see what’s going to happen next, because it’s only going to be a short period of time until we start to find out what happened. and, we are assuming to find out who was there. What I am hearing is some very connected Street. Cats were in the room. And will soon find out.

Takeoff: dead at 28.


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