S.C. Artist GuttaWitDaSack Delivers New Project “Mill Ticket”

South Carolina Artist GuttaWitDaSack delivers his latest project “Mill Ticket”. With years into the rap game and a growing discography, GuttaWitDaSack is here to show you why South Carolina needs a bigger rap spotlight. Clocking in under 30 minutes, “Mill Ticket” gives satisfaction while still leaving fans yearning for more.

Growing up in “Killumbia”, South Carolina, life wasn’t the easiest for GuttaWitDaSack. Still born with a hustler’s mindset, Gutta made the best out of his situation through his talents in rap music. He took all the pain gained from surviving the streets and fueled it into his records, where GuttaWitDaSack’s personality takes up a life of its own.

On his latest project “Mill Ticket”, GuttaWitDaSack shows his hit-making ability at its highest form without compromising his authenticity. Songs like “Loyalty Ova Love” and “Vacuum Seal” shine a light on the rapper’s songwriting ability, as well as the quality of music coming from South Carolina.
Listen to “Mill Ticket” by GuttaWitDaSack and keep an eye out for new music from the South Carolina rapper.

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