Saweetie’s ICY Baby Foundation To Launch A Financial Literacy Program For Black And Brown Youth

Saweetie founded the ICY Baby Foundation with her grandmother, Roxane Harper, to actively support Black and brown underserved communities. Along with financial literacy, the foundation provides access to resources about entrepreneurship and technology training, per its website.

According to an ABC interview, the foundation is currently serving Sacramento, Oakland, and Las Vegas but is seeking funding to reach out to more youth across the nation to help in closing the racial wealth gap.

“It’s not [children’s] fault that they’re not aware of [financial literracy] because, in our previous generations, we were only focused on survival mode,” Saweetie told the outlet. “But now, it’s time to teach the kids on how to invest their money, save their money and spend their money. And, I’m just so happy that I’m doing it with my grandmother because she’s been trying to put this in my head since I was a kid.”

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