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Shed Pounds With Strength Training

strength training

Looking to lose fat? Try strength training.

Strength training can help you lose weight, Australian researchers report. Their new study reports you can lose a percentage of body fat through strength training alone that is similar to weight loss through cardio or aerobics.

This may be because unlike cardio, strength training gives you an afterburn that will allow your body to continue to burn calories for up to 72 hours after you have completed your workout.

“A lot of people think that if you want to lose weight, you need to go out and run,” researcher Mandy Hagstrom, an exercise physiologist and senior lecturer at the University of New South Wales School of Medical Sciences says.

“But our findings show that even when strength training is done on its own, it still causes a favorable loss of body fat without having to consciously diet or go running,” she adds.

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Strength training workouts

Here are six strength training workouts that will get you fit in no time:

1. Goblet Squat

While holding a dumbbell with both hands at chest level, set your feet shoulder-width apart. Push your butt back like you’re sitting in an invisible chair and go down until your elbows meet the inside of your knees.

Make sure to keep your heels flat and press onto the floor. Once you reach the bottom of your squat, pause for a moment, then

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