Should You Brush Your Teeth Before or After Breakfast? (Beauty Quickie)

Today’s BEAUTY QUICKIE will answer the question: Should you brush your teeth before or after breakfast? Most likely as child you were taught to immediately grab that Sesame Street toothbrush and go to town on your baby teeth. Do you still have this habit as a teen or adult to brush your teeth after you wake up?

It’s a good habit to develop. This is because when you first start off your day your mouth is FULL of bacteria. If you don’t remove this yucky, harmful stuff; over time you can cause some major damage to your teeth and gums.

This removal needs to happen daily. If you fail to remove bacteria from your teeth you can automatically expect a few horrible things to happen. When you don’t remove bacteria from brushing your teeth:

  • The bacteria will begin to stick to your teeth
  • Stuck bacteria forms plaque
  • Bacterial plaque can form into a very hard to remove tartar
  •  Cavities may start to develop everywhere
  • You will have extremely bad breath

As one can see, not brushing your teeth every day, morning and night can lead to some very bad mouth health issues. Avoid this by making toothbrushing apart of your daily routine. However, is there some leeway? Can you wait till after breakfast before completing this task?

Should You Brush Teeth Before or After Breakfast

The short answer… is no. You should always brush your teeth before breakfast in order to remove harmful bacteria. However, there is a reason why some people make the argument that it is okay to wait till after you eat.

Their argument is that while you are busy consuming food; some food particles can get stuck in, on and between your teeth. This food now needs to be removed. Your teeth cannot remain healthy if such remnants are allowed to remain.

Therefore, in their minds, you are doing double work. You will be cleaning your teeth before breakfast and after. Nevertheless, there is STILL a powerful reason to brush before you slam back your eggs and cereal.

Why Brush Your Teeth Before Breakfast?


Should You Brush Your Teeth Before or After Breakfast


Here is a quickie fact that some may not be aware of currently. If you brush your teeth before you eat you will help PROTECT your teeth. How so?

Brushing gives your mouth a head start before you pile in any food. It creates like a “little protective wall” for your pearly whites. This little bit of magic occurs when you brush your teeth with toothpaste.

This little procedure not only rids your mouth if bacteria; but it costs your enamel with a protective barrier. This barrier helps to protect your teeth from acids in your food.

That is why if you skip this important step at the beginning of the day; you are essentially putting your teeth more at risk. They will not have any additional protection against the food you eat. Therefore, going straight to eating breakfast could prove to be a very costly mistake over time.

Brush Teeth Before or After Breakfast

Alright, so far throughout this article we are establishing that brushing your teeth BEFORE breakfast; is really for the best. However, what about after you do eat breakfast? It is common for food to attach itself to our teeth.

Also, let’s say that you like lots of onions or garlic in your eggs or other breakfast portions. We all know such ingredients can cause our breath to go from toothpaste minty fresh, to OMG what is that funky smell real quick. So how do you fix these problems if you already brushed your teeth?

Well, first of all, we must remember that we plan to brush our teeth before bedtime. Doing so helps to clean teeth and free our mouths of any food buildup, acids or bacteria. Moreover, you CAN brush your teeth again after your meal if you need. Just wait 30 minutes after you finish your meal and have at it.


Should You Brush Your Teeth Before or After Breakfast


Brush Teeth After or Before Breakfast

Now let’s say after your meal you are in dire need of brushing your teeth; but you are not near your toothbrush and mouth care supplies. What can you do? Is there really anything that can be done to help the situation?

Yes! Of course, you will want to brush your teeth when you can; or brush well before you go to sleep. However, these two tips will help you freshen up a bit when you are on the move.

  • Drink Up– Mouth a little messy after your meal. Drink a glass of water to help flush and remove any debris or bacteria.
  • Pop That Thang– Pop a stick or two of gum in your mouth and chew away. Chewing sugar free gum is an excellent way to clean your teeth after you eat and when you’re in-between brushings.

Should I Brush My Teeth Before or After Breakfast



There is another good reason to brush your teeth before breakfast, and it has to do with saliva. Don’t worry we do not plan to gross you out or anything. But this is an important factor.

Not to get into all the technical names and reasonings, but saliva helps to protect your teeth. The mucus in saliva contains compounds that help protect teeth from damage, and cavities. Therefore, you can picture and think of saliva as being like a drive through car wash for your mouth.

Saliva is basically the mouth’s natural process to stay clean. You see, your teeth are better protected from bad bacteria when saliva washes away any leftover food bits; while also coating your teeth in a thin film.

Furthermore, saliva does more than just prevent cavities from forming; it also helps aid in protecting against gum disease. Moreover, it doesn’t just protect, it strengthens. It literally strengthens tooth enamel.

Your teeth gets stronger because saliva contains calcium, fluoride, and phosphate ions that re-mineralize and strengthen tooth enamel. When acid damages enamel, saliva puts its hard hat on; and gets to repairing the tooth’s protective surface in a process called remineralization.

Saliva can do wonders, but you still need to brush your teeth. Daily, especially in the morning. The next section will tell you why.

Why Brush Teeth Morning -Before Eating Anything

Should you brush your teeth before or after breakfast? Always, always before. And saliva production also plays a role in why doing so is important.

As we learned, saliva is like a natural bath solution that helps strengthen, protects and keeps teeth clean. However, at night when it’s time for sleep, your body switches up. Saliva production begins to slow.

We can be thankful for this occurrence because during our sleep we could drown in our juices. But the body is marvelously built, and instead brings saliva making to a slower pace. But, slower production means less protection and cleaning is getting done.

That is why when you wake up you have “morning breath” and bacteria has accumulated over night. Moreover, when you eat, you’re introducing acids into your mouth that now compound on top of the bacteria that’s alrighty there. That’s why it’s best to “clean house” first and just worry about keeping your mouth “tidy” throughout the day.

Brush Before or After Breakfast- Final Advice



Taking care of your teeth and gums is a lifetime commitment. Often, by the time tooth decay is detected it may be too late to reverse the situation. Moreover, gum disease is nothing to play with either.

For the most part, gum disease is very preventable. A major cause of it is from poor oral hygiene, like not brushing your teeth first thing in the morning. Nevertheless, the scary reason you want to avoid gum disease; is because it can lead to a serious gum infection to affects the gums and can wreck havoc while destroying the jawbone. Yikes.

Plus, you’ll have to experience swollen, red and bleeding gums. Which is not cute and not fun. Wouldn’t it be easy to just floss well and brush the teeth.

Of course! Therefore, don’t wait till after breakfast to get your oral hygiene routine completed. Make sure you that you

  • Brush every tooth and quadrant of your mouth well (should take a couple minutes)
  • Floss
  • Use a safe mouthwash
  • Clean teeth in the morning and before sleep
  • Brush the roof of your mouth
  • Don’t neglect your tongue, use your toothbrush to scrub it clean
  • Scrub gums to keep them strong, healthy and protected

Yes, ward off future issues with great mouth care and oral hygiene. Do it first thing every morning and enjoy the benefits of healthy, beautiful teeth!

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