Social Media Calls ‘Cap’ On Star Youth Football Player Being Only 12 Years Old With Mustache And Tattoos

Social media is freaking out over a youth football player from Fort Worth, Texas, who says he’s 12, but most people think he looks more like 25. Why? He has a mustache and tattoos. 

Jeremiah Johnson has gone viral after a photo was revealed of him in his 12U football uniform, but looking like a “grown man.” In the American Youth Football League, 12U, means players who are 12 years old or younger. Players must show proof of age when they register.

Johnson won an MVP honors award at the Youth National Championships in Miami in early December. The championships crown a national champion at every age level from 6U-14U

His mother, Shana Evans, posted a photo as well, gushing over her “baby” on Facebook, the Daily Mail reported.

Johnson’s grandmother, Twila Lee, was posting photos of that mustache back in 2021, Out Kick reported.

But Twitter is saying Johnson is capping (or lying) about his age.

“That man has mortgage to pay you can’t fool me,” tweeted gillypl19.

Some wondered how a 12-year-old could have tattoos–and a mustache.

“12 with tattoos and mustache And a deep voice guess they don’t make them like they used to,” tweeted Josiah Ellison.

Pharrell Season agreed, tweeting “Lmao. He’s got Tattoos and a Mustache”. He included a meme that read “Check my birth certificate.”

Tweeter Dame Capone concluded, “That boy ain’t no damn 12….”

Twelve-year-old youth football player Jeremiah Johnson (Photo: Twitter)

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