Steve Kornacki Election Khakis Are Peak Normcore

But it’s not just familiarity that’s appealing about the look. While people have lamented the end of micro bags and jeans, one of the wardrobe sections that’s suffered the most as a result of the pandemic is workwear. Now we only have memories of times when one had to trade jeans for khakis or slacks for a meeting with an important client or to see extended family for a holiday dinner. Zoom meetings are all we know right now, and with the right camera angle, your bottoms don’t matter (but please do wear them). As such, there is something downright thrilling about seeing Kornacki all “dressed up” in a collared shirt, tie, and pants that may or may not flatter the backside. Over the course of several anxiety-filled days, Kornacki stayed calm amidst the chaos and delivered the news in an even-keeled, fact-based manner that was reassuring to many. Refinery29’s Natalie Gontcharova noted, “Kornacki, with his rolled-up button-down sleeves and Gap khakis in Palomino Brown, projects an aura of trustworthy, West Wing-era nerdiness that makes many people feel like logic and reason can prevail during this absolutely batshit, science-averse time.”

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