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The Amazing Benefits of Thyme Tea

thyme tea benefits

Herbs are truly one of the best things this earth has created. From being able to drink and eat herbs, to using them for healing or religious purposes, herbs can do so much for the human body. Especially for those who may be living with an illness. Incorporating herbs into your daily routine can be very helpful. One all-around herb that you should try is thyme. You may have used it when cooking meals but did you know that thyme can be consumed and used for its health benefits in other ways as well? Well, if you didn’t know by now, you’re about to find out.

What Is Thyme?

Pronounced like the word time, thyme is a type of herb that has small leaves that grow on thin stems. Known for its specialty, you can find thyme being used in a bunch of different dishes to add just a tad bit of flavor or used as a garnish. It’s similar and can be found with other commonly known herbs such as sage and rosemary.

Thyme can be traced back all the way to the beginning of societies, specifically in the Mediterranean with them adding it to delicious meals. Though there has been evidence that shows that ancient Egyptians used thyme for “antiseptic” properties in embalming rituals. The Romans looked at thyme as a “symbol” of strength and bravery, especially in the military, and would exchange it between soldiers or pin it on their uniforms as badges. 

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The Amazing Benefits Of Thyme Tea

Now that you know thyme is added to dishes as a seasoning or garnish, it’s time that you were told how it can be used in beverages as well. Thyme tea is an amazing drink to add to your daily intake, especially if you are someone who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Thyme tea helps lower your cholesterol and lower your blood pressure when consumed. It also helps boost the appearance of your skin and your skin’s health and supports a better digestive system. 

Thyme tea is also great for helping prevent things as well. Drinking it will help prevent food poisoning and an irritated throat because it soothes sore throats and stops coughing fits. Thyme tea can also help fight cancer and cure common colds.

This shows that besides being used for culinary purposes, thyme has a multitude of healing and health properties that can benefit anyone who adds it to their lifestyle. The benefits of adding thyme to your tea are endless but nothing compares to how it helps your respiratory system. 

How Thyme Tea Can Help Your Respiratory Tract

Thyme and its healing properties are great, so there’s no wonder it can be beneficial to someone who suffers from respiratory problems. If you are living with asthma and you have the typical symptoms such as irritation, trouble breathing, tightness in your chest and lungs, coughing fights, etc., drinking a cup of thyme tea when you feel an attack happening can help lower the risk of your symptoms worsening. Thyme tea reduces inflammation and mucus as well as alleviates coughing since thyme can and is used as a natural cough remedy. 

It can also help fight infections. Thyme tea is great for your lungs and helps fight respiratory infections that can lead to

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