The Best Way to Package Weed with Cannabis Pouches

It can be challenging to find the perfect packaging for your product. The cannabis industry is booming, and a lack of innovation in packaging has left many weed companies looking at ways to improve their packaging. 

They have found an innovative way to package weed with cannabis pouches! Read more about how they did it below!

What are cannabis pouches, and what do they do?

Marijuana pouches are a hemp and cotton hybrid that can be reused, saving money on packaging. Kush Queen uses its unique pouch material for the perfect smoke-free experience. Cannabis is ground up into granules then mixed with water to create “wet herbs” or liquid marijuana products. The wet herb mixture is put through a cold filtering process, resulting in a final product of 40% THC content – this translates to about 60mg per useable dose of “high” as it’s absorbed more quickly than dry herbs. This also means less THC is needed for just one session and saves you from carrying a lot of product.

The cannabis pouch is sold in packs of five, ten, or twenty for different prices per quantity. Kush Queen’s pouches are innovative with containing the weed and provide an easy way to package your products! These bags do not break down, so you can reuse them when you need to. The best part about these cannabis pouches? They’re water-resistant, which means that if it gets wet, the bag will still be safe to use as long as it dries out before being opened up again – giving users peace of mind knowing their contents won’t get ruined by rainstorms or snowfall at night on cold days outside.

How to make cannabis pouches

Making cannabis pouches is a great way to package your weed. Not only are they discreet, but you can also use them for other things such as storing joint papers or rolling tobacco cigarettes. They’re relatively inexpensive and easy to make. I used this DIY kit which was super simple and contained everything I needed: A plastic baggie (I reused an old one), scissors, freezer paper, self-adhesive vinyl sheets in assorted sizes (in case the ones provided weren’t big enough) and instructions on how to do it all! It’s that easy!

The first step – cut off the desired rectangle of freezer paper with scissors, then peel back about half the length from each side, so you have something that resembles wings on either side.

Next, place weed on the middle of one side and roll it tightly with your fingers so that it half wraps around to the other side. It’s important not to put too much, or else you’ll have a really tough time sealing all sides (you want enough space for an airtight seal). Place adhesive strip down the center, then wrap both long ends over the top of each other until they meet in the middle and press firmly together. You now have a cannabis pouch! Repeat this process as necessary, depending on how many pouches you need. Store in the freezer when finished – if using plastic baggies, make sure to squeeze out excess air before freezing them (or whatever container you’re storing them in), so they don’t burst open when frozen.

Why use cannabis pouches? 

Discreet packaging to keep you and your weed safe. Please put them in a cookie tin or something like that, so they’re protected from the elements when not being used.

-Can be reused for other things such as rolling tobacco cigarettes, storing joint papers, etc. Just make sure to purchase pouches with adhesive strips on both sides so it can seal securely (most cannabis pouches come with one side already sealed). If using plastic baggies without adhesive strips, then just put a strip of masking tape across the opening once sealing is complete, then trim any excess off before freezing.

-Reusable! Bring some extras along when shopping or going out in case someone wants to try edibles but doesn’t have a container for it.

It-Cheap and easy to make! You don’t need any special equipment besides scissors, freezer paper, self-adhesive vinyl sheets, or something like that (available at most craft stores).

 Benefits of using cannabis pouches

– Cannabis pouches are made from a material that won’t cause the weed to dry out. This means you can store it for longer without the worry of losing potency, or worse, ruining your stash. – The smell is much less noticeable when cannabis is stored in these pouches than plastic bags (which will air out and release an odor). – If they’re left exposed in any way, such as sitting on a table at home, then the pouch doesn’t get too hot, which would lead to a damaging effect on quality. ** It’s important not to let them sit outdoors because UV rays will degrade THC just like they do with food items!*


In conclusion, cannabis pouches are the best way to package your weed. They’re discreet; they don’t let out odors like a plastic bag would, and it will keep your stash fresh for longer!

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