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The Greatest Asset To Your Sex Life Is…?

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Every week I am approached by eager singles and partners from couples seeking help on how to improve their sex life, and without fail, I always receive a message seeking one magical move or technique to please their partners. “Tyomi, what is the one thing I can do to make my partner orgasm?” is how the request typically reads.

It’s a question that always sends my head into a frenzy of thoughts because there are several techniques that one could use to bring on an orgasm, but the most important feature one should possess is physical fitness. One of the most common complaints during sex is fatigue or wearing out too soon, and most of this is caused by being out of shape.

Most people work out with the idea of looking or feeling a certain way, but not many are aware of how working out can help improve sex drive and stamina.

Sex is a physical activity that requires the use of several groups of muscles simultaneously, especially when attempting sex positions that are more complex.

Working out regularly and making sure each session consists of cardio and strength training will not only improve your stamina by helping you regulate your breathing, but it will also give your body the muscle strength it needs to last in positions that typically wear the body out quickly.

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Exercises such as lunges, squats, hamstring curls and deadlifts all help with strengthening the lower body, which is a vital trait during sex.

Overall, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and incorporating some form of physical fitness into a weekly schedule will help to improve mood, increase libido, balance hormones and boost self-esteem.

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If working out isn’t something that you are used to, that is okay.  There are a variety of activities that you can

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